March and vigil to honor survivors



The Sexual Assault Awareness Violence Education Team is holding the 21st Annual Mujeres de Paz Candlelight March and Vigil in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The group is welcoming all ages to come show their support by walking in union with friends, family and survivors in memory to make a stand against domestic violence.

The march is held annually and is observed during October, which they recognize as the Domestic Violence Awareness month.

The event will feature speeches from local dignitaries and staff from the East Los Angeles Women’s Center, as well as Eas Los Angeles College administration.

For attendees, Native American Dancers will be present for healing and the event will culminate with survivors sharing their stories.

“Did you know that one in four women experience domestic violence in her lifetime? Every year we walk to honor survivors and victims, their families and friends,” Andrea Owens, S.A.A.V.E. co-chair said.

“Men also experience domestic violence and they are very welcomed at the event.”

The vigil will assemble at the Mural of the La Virgen De Guadalupe on the corner of Mednik and Cesar Chavez Avenue.

The march will then begin at Belvedere Park and  continue down Avenida Cesar Chavez.

It will conclude at the ELAC Performing Arts courtyard, P2-S2.

This year’s Mujeres de Paz Candlelight March and Vigil will take place on Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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