OPINION: Proposal threatens environmental regulations on automobiles

By Anthony Aguilar

The Trump administration proposed a plan that would make automobile manufacturers not required to make cars and trucks more fuel efficient every year, starting 2020.

The administration’s proposal says, “Automakers would only have to produce cars that achieve a real-world average of about 29 miles a gallon from 2021 to 2025.”

This will take the standard that we have now, which is 43 miles a gallon, and lower it by fourteen miles a gallon.

The change of miles per gallon will make an impact on the Earth’s atmosphere.

The air pollution that comes out of the car gets trapped in the atmosphere and begins to collect heat.

Another negative effect this will have on people is increasing respiratory problems, such as asthma.

It’s an issue for humankind that would cause deaths that are preventable.

There was a time the Bush administration did something similar to rolling back the minimum miles per gallon in automobiles, but there was a problem during that time.

The article “Trump’s Fuel-Efficiency Rollback Breaks With 50 Years of Precedent” says “Bush did it too, for a time, until a spike in gas prices and a Democratic-controlled Congress forced him to act in 2007.”

The rise of gas prices is still an issue.

The Trump administration rolling back car and truck manufacturers to 29 miles per gallon will cause people to pay more for refueling on gas.

A rise in gas prices would affect people that travel long distances.

The rollback would also impact the Zero Emission Vehicle program.

According to the California Air Resources Board’s website, the program is “developing programs designed to reduce emissions from mobile sources.”

“Mobile sources account for well over half of the emissions which contribute to ozone and particulate matter and nearly 40 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in California,” says CARB about air polution.

The rollback would end one of California’s programs that helps decrease smog causing pollutants, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite the proposal of rolling back the standard to 29 mpg, many people would like a higher rate of mpg, especially in Los Angeles.

With the type of traffic people encounter daily on their drive to work and home, the higher mpg would help save more gas than the proposed 29 mpg.

The higher mpg would save so much gas for drivers and would still be able to travel far distances.

The lower 29 mpg would be a drop in the capacity of the gasoline tank in automobiles. It would require frequent refueling.

California and other states will be taken back a step from having a cleaner, non polluted environment.

This proposal would reverse years of environmental activism.

The 29 mpg standard will harm the earth.

We will see its negative effects in the rise of extremely hot weather and smoggy, hard-to-breath areas.

People will physically suffer from the consequences of the proposal.

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