Club readies to tour Italy

By Miguel Dominguez

Students can explore the cities of Italy with the East Los Angeles College  Study Abroad Club during spring break in 2019. The club will be traveling through the cities of Florence, Sorrento, Pisa, Pompeii, Rome, and Venice. The club studies international politics, global sociologies, and world history.

The club traveled to Amsterdam and Paris earlier this year during spring break. During the trip,  attendees learned the challenges of human trade, body trafficking, sexploitation and the administration of justice.

This time, the club will be studying Italy and its history of political expression in art, religion, society and government.

The Study Abroad Club is led by advisor Felipe Agredano, who also teaches Political Science at ELAC.

Agredano has traveled to Italy twice, once as a graduate student at Harvard.

“This is my opportunity to take students out of East L.A. College and expose them to Italy,” Agredano said.

The Study Abroad Club will begin their trip on Cesar Chavez Day and will arrive in Rome first. The group will meet with a tour director in Rome who will head to their second destination, Florence.

The club will be making college tours during the trip, visiting the University of Florence and the Sapienza University of Rome. While there, students can see what the schools have to offer.

The club will also visit museums and galleries, such as the Vatican Museum of Rome and the Venice National Archaeological Museum. They will also get the chance to visit world famous landmarks in Pompeii and the island of Capri.

Attendees will take public transportations such as trams, buses and metro trains to get to their destinations. Visitors may also ride boats called gondolas, under the bridge canals of Venice.

“The trip is not only for ELAC students, but for anybody who is interested in going,” Agredano said.

There is also no limit for how many people can go or how many relatives they can bring, as long as fees can be covered.

Monica Sandoval, a member of the club, will be traveling to Italy for the first time this spring and she will be taking relatives.

“It has been my dream to explore the world,” club secretary Roxana Lopez said. This will be her first time traveling out of the country.

The total cost of the trip will be $3,518. Tuesday was the last day to put in $50 for the voucher and the start of the four monthly payments of $867. The prices have increased for both the voucher and the payments.

Students who qualify for financial aid can use that money for the trip if they choose to. “It’s up to the students what portion of their financial aid they want to use,” Agredano said.

Once members pay the voucher fee, an account for GoFundMe gets created. Members can use this account to help them raise money for the trip.

The president of the club, Angelica Bunn, encourages students who are interested and thinking about signing up to “take the opportunity to explore other people’s background and their heritage.”

The club meets in F7-307 on Mondays at 5 p.m. Email Agredano at for more information.

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