OPINION: Voting affects the future of all

By Alex Avila 

The midterm elections are on Nov. 6 and everyone will be talking about it until then. All the talk of politics and propositions sometimes causes people to become confused and unsure of their positions on everything.

Voting is  important and a human right everyone deserves. Especially for those who had to fight for their rights to vote in America, such as minorities, who got the right to vote with the passing of The Voting Rights Act of 1965.

But as important as it is to encourage voters, we should not pressure people or force them to do so. With all the pressure some people give, it feels like they are just encouraging people to go vote for their own agenda.

The best way to encourage people who are on the fence whether to go vote or not is to inform them, share information that would pertain to them and leave them to make the decision for themselves. Otherwise that would leave them feeling like they are being taken advantage of.

Many Americans don’t vote because they just feel their opinion is pointless or aren’t sure what they are voting for.

It’s a shame that not everyone feels welcomed when it comes to voting and have no interest due to how controversial the topics are.

During the 2016 elections according to the U.S election project, 29.9% of eligible voters chose not to vote. A near 30% of Americans who were able to vote did not, which is a massive percentage in comparison to those who did vote. Politics is a very touchy and uncomfortable subject for some citizens.

According to U.S. census data, 24% of non-voters chose to not vote due to having issues with the campaigns and 16% were not interested in voting at all.

People don’t realize that the issue with not being interested in voting is that the results affects them too.

Those who disagreed with the campaigns in 2016 most likely did not consider the third parties like most Americans do and there is a high chance they would have agreed with someone from a third party.

People who may be registered to vote and aren’t sure if they are going to vote should reconsider it. Reading on the different propositions and laws they’d be voting for and those who are not registered to vote yet, should really reconsider their decision for future elections.

People should vote for what they believe in and take interest in how their country and state should run. Everyone should participate.

Nobody should be discouraged to vote.

Everyone should be informed on the changes that are being made in their states and the country as a whole.

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