Defensive skills help women’s soccer in tie

By Noe Ortega

Defensive tactics allowed women’s soccer to tie 1-1 away against an offensive Rio Hondo College on Friday.

The Huskies are now 5-6-4 overall, and 1-3-1 in the South Coast Conference-North.

Rio Hondo dominated most of the game with its midfielders giving one-two passes constantly in the midfield, possession of the ball on the right and left wing, and overlapping its fullbacks to go on the attack.

East Los Angeles College was beaten in the midfield, but made up by winning aerial passes and consistency in the defensive line.

ELAC freshman forward Perla Navarro scored the Huskies’ only goal to tie the game five minutes before the first half ended.

She had the ball in the midfield and flicked the ball over a Rio Hondo player to take the ball to the right side of the field.

Navarro had a player in front and behind her, but she cut inside and was able to clear both of them to score a one-on-one.

“We played very disciplined defensively and we tried to get them on a counter. Defensively, we were good, but we didn’t create a lot of chances and got the tie,” said ELAC assistant coach Luis Ramirez.

The Huskies couldn’t get possession of the ball for most of the game, and with 15 minutes left in the first half, Rio Hondo freshman defender Jacqueline Torres Espinoza was taken down in the penalty box.

The referee marked the penalty, but Sophomore goalkeeper Adriana Huerta guessed where the shot was going to go and blocked the penalty kick.

Rio Hondo had a chance to score the rebound, but Huerta made a courageous double save to keep the score at 1-0.

“We were communicating more, we played better in the second half to keep the score at 1-1. It was hard for us to get back                                                  on attack (in the second half), that’s why we played more defensively and I think we did a good job of doing it,” said freshman forward Claudia Ceja.

Five minutes into the game, freshman forward Zharria Ramirez took the ball to the left side of the field and was fouled, but played the advantage.

Ramirez  crossed the ball to freshman forward Danielle Moore, who touched the ball in the back of the net and gave Rio Hondo an early lead.

In the second half, players and coaches from ELAC and Rio Hondo  protested  against calls made by the referee.

Ten minutes before the game  ended, Rio Hondo was given another penalty off of a controversial handball that was committed by ELAC’s defense.

Head coach Tessa Troglia, Ramirez and ELAC players  tried to explain to the referee that it wasn’t a handball, but the penalty was given.

“Very questionable. I’ll give him the first half penalty kick, but the second one, he called a handball when it hit her on her shoulder. Then he called another foul outside the (penalty) box, so I think it was more of him feeling pressure,” said Ramirez.

Rio Hondo didn’t  take advantage of the second opportunity they had to score and missed the penalty to keep the score even.

The Huskies’ next game will be an away game against Chaffey College Friday at 2 p.m.

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