OPINION: Android to launch instant messaging feature soon

By Anthony Aguilar

The time has arrived for anyone who wants to switch from an iPhone to an Android device but still want iMessage capabilities.

It is coming espicially soon to the ones who are on Verizon. iMessage is Apple’s built-in instant messaging service.

It lets you send text, picture, video, sound and location quickly and with ease to anyone else using iMessage.

This is the feature that makes a lot of people prefer Apple devices over Android devices. Currently, however, it is restricted to Apple devices.

According to an article by Verge, it says, “Verizon’s [Senior vice president] of consumer products, Aparna Khurjekar, announced that Verizon will launch support for [Rich communication services] messaging in early 2019.”

This RCS messaging will replace what is known now as SMS “Short Message Service”.

RCS messaging will be a overhall to regular sms which will include typing indicators, group chats, high resolution media, and also read receipts.

These are features that iMessage has, but is exclusive to iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

However RCS will change that and now Android will have its own iMessage type of capabilies and will get users who are on iPhone to switch to Android.

Android is a platform that has much more customizability than iPhones iOS and with this missing feature many Apple users will switch to an Android device.

The Verge article also says, “3C, a mobile marketing company, believes that RCS will reach 147 million users by the end of 2019.”

If this many people are going to be reached with RCS the amount of people switching over to android will increase over time.

The reason many would switch is because the cost of phones is on the rise and there are so many Android devices to choose from at different price points, while iPhones are at premium prices.

Because of RCS messaging, many people won’t bother with iPhone’s iMessage and settle for something cost efficient with the same capability as iMessage which would be RCS.

RCS messaging will arrive in 2019 on Verizon first. Of course there are other carriers who can also pick up on this and will benefit everyone with a Android device.

More people who already have Android will benefit from this and others who want to go to Android, or considering it, will be able to go on Android and have this new refined messaging capability.

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