OPINION: Students deserve longer Thanksgiving break

By Cher Antido (J-101 Staff Writer)

California State Universities provide a week-long break during Thanksgiving week, while most UCs and community colleges, ELAC included, only give their students two days off for the holiday.

Thanksgiving is a U.S. national holiday, so all college students should get the whole week off.

There is no denying that college is difficult. Students face the stress of taking exams, having to pick their majors, and thinking about their future careers.

It is generally an overwhelming experience, especially for those attending college for their first year.

A week break would benefit them in doing better in their studies.

CSU student Michelle Tatekawa said, “College students really need that one week of break. People tend to get more depressed during school time. If I didn’t get that one week break, I would feel like I’m falling apart.”  as November comes around, the semester is ending and there are multiple exams happening during the month.

Being able to take the week off would allow students to take a breather and relax their minds.This would improve their academic performance and would help them do well in exams. Other than the stress from school, it’s upsetting that some students get a week break from school while others don’t.

All college students should be able to spend time with their families during the holiday.

A majority of students attending UCs live away from home.

It is essential for students to get that week off for them to be able to visit their families.An article for NBC News revealed a study by the UCLA Higher Education Institute                                                                                                                      that found 69 percent of first-year college students report feeling homesick. Wong says, “it can even contribute to a decision to abandon the pursuit of a higher education, experts say.”

For most attending University, it is their first time being away from home and independent.

Giving them that short break will help relax the burden they feel and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

There are also cases where students move out-of-state for college. Homesickness is more likely to happen to them as they are far away from home. Two days simply would not be enough time for them to go home. Most colleges that don’t have a week off only have Thursday and Friday off.

UCLA student Justin Bueno states, “It throws off the schedule if you cut off in the middle of the week.” There are many students who go out of town for Thanksgiving despite not having the week off.

This only causes them to miss class discussions and throw off their academic performance. I, for one, am not able to see my family for Thanksgiving due to the short amount of days off. I am seven hours away from home and there is not enough time to travel back and forth in two days.

A lot of distant relatives that haven’t seen each other in a while come together during Thanksgiving.

It’s a holiday that should be spent with family. It shouldn’t be spent at school buried in assignment.

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