‘Creed’ knocks it out in second round

knock out—Adonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, throw a punch in “Creed II”
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By Erick Gerardo Villarreal (J-101 Staff Writer)

Filled with legacy and aspirations, Creed II deals with the weight of cementing yourself while focusing on the originality of its characters to create a compelling sequel.

“Creed II” is a true sequel that does everything that the first film did but better and with a different theme.

While the first “Creed” movie hit themes of living up to individual aspirations, this movie shows the other side– what kind of legacy do we leave behind and can it be controlled or shaped?

“Creed II” in no way ignores what has happened in previous installments of both the “Rocky” franchise and the first “Creed.”

The film rewards fans of both series with nods and call-backs to the previous “Creed” and with a story coming directly from the events of “Rocky IV.”

Creed stays true to the “Rocky” formula, but adds its own thing into the mix.

Bianca, played by Tessa Thompson is a singer with a music career full of                                                   aspirations of her own.

Bianca suffers from progressive hearing loss, having to wear a hearing aid and with the constant fear she might go completely deaf one day.

As her relationship with Adonis Creed advances and gets more serious, she is faced with balancing the two. Adonis has to carry the weight of being a winner with everyone out for his blood.

The championship belt was held by both his father Apollo Creed and his Uncle/trainer Rocky Balboa.

Adonis wants to rewrite history against Drago paving the road to his own story and his own legacy. Life waits for no one as the same brutal hooks and jabs being thrown in the ring are being thrown in Adonis’s personal life.

Rocky is prominent in the film and goes through his own struggles, but what they have done is separate Adonis from his Father.

Since the movie revolves around a grudge match between the son of a dead man and the son of his killer the film acknowledges that the match is between the son of a dead man, and the son of his killer.

Ivan Drago, the man that killed Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, brings his son to the United States, The Russian champion wants revenge on Rocky for beating him, directly being the cause of his people losing respect for him, in his home country.

Drago’s son Viktor Drago has been raised to avenge his father’s loss.

He wants nothing else but to break Adonis Creed, the movie makes it clear he isn’t fighting for his father. He is fighting for himself.

The film handles its characters and the connections they all have to each other skillfully.

Adonis has to deal with anger and stress from two sides, Bianca deals with her career and future and Rocky deals with closing the past in more ways than one.

The cinematography in the first “Creed” was amazing especially with the fights and this “Creed” is no different. Creed II feels exhilarating and packed with gut-wrenching hits that are only amplified by the music. The score is amazing, sucking you into the story and the matches, enhancing the story. When the music is somber you feel somber when the music is hype you get hype.

The dialogue between Adonis and his mother is welcoming. She is a big part of his life.

Rocky and she arethe voices of reason and wisdom for the protagonists Adonis and Bianca.

The beauty of this movie is that it cherishes the past while setting up the future with all the things fans love about the Rocky movies will power is tested. Tested limits are pushed, bonds are strengthened and broken all in this well written film.

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