OPINION: Health issues important to students

By Melanie Cortez (J-101 Staff Writer) 

Health is an undervalued subject in college. It is very important for an individual to be educated in correlation with their health needs, especially when in college. Many college students tend to distance themselves from their beneficial needs whether physically or mentally because of distractions, such as partying and excessive freedom.

The ELAC Student Health Center is located in building F5 on the third floor. The Student Support Center is also located on the third floor. Both of these services go hand in hand. They are located in the center of the school because they should be the center of importance. The health center provides plenty of different services, some which are even free. For example, Tthey offer blood screenings, STD testing, and physical exams. Aside from any physical needs or requests, they also offer one-on-one counseling.

As a low-income student, health is a sensitive topic. Many individuals do not have access to reliable health insurance due to different reasons that mainly rely on income. Luckily, the health center does not exclude any students. The only requirement is a down payment of twenty dollars and being a student at ELAC. After that one time payment, student’s gain access to every service.

To some students, a down payment and paying for additional services may not be ideal. However, the services offered on campus by the health center are more economical than most services offered by places, such as Kaiser Permanente and AltaMed. Most, if not all, services offered by the health center are less than fifty dollars. If the affordable price ranges are not suitable, it is also important to acknowledge how convenient it is just by having a health center on campus. An appointment is required for some services, if done on time, being seen by a doctor is as quick as counting to ten.!

An environment with polite staff always adds gratitude to any place. The staff at the health center are always in a great mood and genuinely care about the needs of a student. I made an appointment for a physical advance and felt very comfortable asking questions and any concerns I had. The staff member who attended me was very professional and sincere.

It is very important for a student to be educated and safe when it revolves around their health. The health center offers a variety of services that does not only help students but also educates them. For any students, such as myself, who may not have the time or income to go to places such as Kaiser, the health center is efficient for most health necessities.

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