Economics Club offers workshops for students

By Jose S. Cabrera (J-101 Staff Writer) 

Looking forward to being a part of the economy but don’t know where the starting point is? The Economic Club is one of many clubs here at East Los Angeles College that helps strike interest in the field of economics– leading to a potential declaration of major of a four-year university or career option in the public or private industries.

The Economics Club offers students workshops ranging from research, transferring, and career workshops to assist and guide students during their time at ELAC. The club also offers campus visits at certain universities for students that have an interest in pursuing a degree in economics.

During their meetings, the club discusses the benefits of declaring an A.A. degree, minoring and/or majoring in economics. Dr. Murniz Allen Coson encourages students to come in and swing by if any student is interested in joining the club and is thinking of pursuing a degree in economics.

Students may be mentioning that economics is a hard and boring subject that is not going to apply in life, but Dr. Coson expresses how economics is not a boring subject and students should be encouraged to pursue the pathway of economics. Students will gain knowledge needed in order to have a better understanding on the functionalities of the economy.

Adventures in the world of economics are waiting for students that attend their meetings. The club meets Monday at 1:35 p.m. in F7-209 during the fall semester. The club is going to revert back to Tuesdays at 12:15 p.m. in the spring semester.

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