Third annual ‘Drop The Mic’ soothes the night

By Jose S. Cabrera (J-101 Staff Writer) 

The Writers Society hosted the 3rd Annual Drop the Mic Tuesday night and the audience was left in awe. Guest poets were given the microphone for the night and expressed their feelings toward society. The night began with a duo named Bill Cushing and Chuck Corbisiero. The sounds of the guitar playing in the background added thrills and chills as the poem was read to the audience. Such touching words expressing the culture of Machu Picchu. The 2nd poet that went by the name of Mike The Poet expressed the surroundings of the Los Angeles community in his poem. Such great pride Mike expressed in his poem about his community.

More poets continued to leave the audience in awe as the poets expressed their feeling on the events that currently infect the United States. No words were held back by the poets, like Bianca and Irene, when they expressed feelings on current issue like gun violence and discrimination. Members from ELAC Speech even took part of the action and kept the audience engaged. Members like Kaitlyn Gonzalez, Santiago Lopez, and their colleagues expressed their feelings differently from the other poets. They used their speech techniques and they produced such amazing poems. The speech team did an amazing job expressing their words through the way of speech and it kept the audience hooked on the information that was being said.

Poets also expressed anger and frustration over events that have represented them or their community in a bad way. Kaitlyn Gonzalez expressed her frustration about President Donald Trump painting the picture of Mexicans being rapists, criminals and drug dealers. She also expressed how the plans Trump wants enforced will never be fulfilled. Such strong words were said as she went on expressing her feelings about Trump.

A touching poem that gave the audience words of encouragement was Irene’s poem called “Canyon City.” In her poem, Irene expressed how nobody should take any criticism from anybody. She went on to express how people are going to slow your pathway to life but all one needs to do is look ahead. Silence the haters throughout the long journey of life. The audience was amazed with the words that were expressed throughout the poem. It also gave the audience great words of encouragement needed for them to overcome the doubters in their lives.   

A great event that kept the audience entertained for the night. This event was also a reliever for students that wanted or needed to take a break from the all the studying for finals. No words were held back by the students when they read their poems to the audience. The audience was able to feel the emotions that were expressed throughout the poems.         


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