Club president expresses passion to help LGBTQ+ community

PRESIDENT RUBIO—Gender Sexuality Alliance president, Jacob Rubio wants LGBTQ+ at ELAC to feel safe on campus. Photo courtesy of the ELAC Gender Sexuality Alliance

By Destiny Galindo (J-101 Staff Writer)

Jacob Rubio is the President of the Gender Sexuality Alliance at East Los Angeles College. Since he was part of the old cabinet he became president.

He was pushed into the role of president by the advisor of the club, Professor Mejia. Mejia heavily suggested that Rubio take upon the role as president because the club needed to be maintained.

Rubio hates hate crimes and what they do to the community.

“Any discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community is disgusting,” he says.

He believes that there is not only discrimination in society, but there is also a systematic discrimination.  “In society there will always be people that are disadvantaged and will be up against the ones that are in power, which are the straight-cisgender-white-male,” he said.

Now that Rubio is president, he wants to make it his goal to create a safe environment for the LGBTQ+ on the campus.

He wants to make sure that students know that they can be themselves and that there are others like them on campus.

Rubio is passionate about this club due to the fact that the political climate of the LGBTQ+ community is under attack. It is his way of protesting and retaining history, as well as upholding the differences of the world.

He chose to be a part of this club on campus to have representation. Other clubs help with careers and lay stepping stones for transferring but Rubio wants the club to be a family, not something to add on a resume.

There have been events hosted by the Gender Sexuality Alliance on campus. These events are mainly focused on group discussions on sex positivity, safe sex, consent and a lecture given by professor David Bell on the United States LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Movement.

The club has watched videos on the Muxe movement in Mexico and companies that don’t support the LGBTQ+ community. They have done outside events, like helping Mendez High School GSA build an altar for the fallen LGBTQ+ community and they’ve created connections with GSA clubs.

There will be more events within these last two weeks of December,which is the strawberry social (end of year banquet) and a bad LGBTQ+ movie night.

There will also be more discussions and lectures for the club and also the entire campus.

Rubio is aware that not all people are aware that the LGBTQ+ community is on campus. He wants to change that and also wants to bring awareness of the entire spectrum to the LGBTQ+ community.

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