OPINION: Tame Superbowl reflected in ratings plunge

By Sonny Tapia

The National Football League had the lowest national ratings since 2008 at only 98.2 million viewers, while Californians were glued to the television.

This year’s Super Bowl was one of the more disappointing in recent years due to multiple factors.

Everyone can agree that there has been enough of the New England Patriots in the big game.

Seeing the same team go to four out of the past five Super Bowls can be upsetting to most football fans.

​The city of New Orleans made it very clear how they felt about the no call in the National Football Conference Championship.

The hit that Nickell Robey-Coleman threw on Saint’s wide receiver Tommylee Lewis was a blatant pass interference or defenseless receiver call that the refs did not even think twice about.

In an effort to boycott the big game, they managed to drop ratings from 53 million people to a meek 26.1 million people.

St. Louis also decided to skip the game due to an unsettling city change for their beloved team a few years back.

Watching their former team play on the biggest Sunday of the year, under a new city had to be hard to watch.

The Los Angeles Rams only put up three points in the entire game making this Super Bowl the lowest scoring ever.

Most of the game was nothing but short pass plays and eight consecutive punts by the Rams causing any excitement for the game to slowly disappear, making it seem like everything was so much slower. After the end of the first half it was likely people turned the television off and focused on other things.

​The halftime show was performed by Maroon 5 along with Big Boi and Travis Scott.

The show was not nearly as entertaining as past halftime shows.

Many football fans argued against having Maroon 5 play the halftime show when it was announced. Clearly all of those were correct in their assumptions.

Although the nation’s ratings dropped significantly, California’s eyes were all on the Rams. California saw its highest ratings this year for a couple reasons.

The Rams returned to Los Angeles and gained a huge fan base combined with those that never stopped being vocal fans.

Rams fans are die hard and their passing to the Super Bowl only made them more engaged.

​Many had to be stuck to the game because they are also witnessing one of the fastest turnarounds ever.

The Rams went 4-12 just 2 seasons ago and ended up in the Super Bowl.

Along with that great success brought major publicity to an already booming city.

​“The Rams were something else this season. I was really excited to see them play in the Super Bowl,” said Joseph Orguno an ELAC Student.

Some cities never get to see a Super Bowl in the first place, let alone this fast.

​The football world watched Tom Brady get his sixth ring, a huge milestone for the Patriots quarterback.

Yet the lowest number of people saw him conquer the sport. Maybe most of his fans got enough after the fifth ring.

There is still no doubt that this game broke records.

This years Super Bowl will go down in history as one with the least on-field drama and lowest viewership of all time.

The NFL will be taking more measures before the next season arrives to ensure there is no drop in ratings again.

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