OPINION: Academics demand student commitment

CN/ Ivana Amaral

By Adam Robles

The infinite ocean of procrastination is what many college students are drowning in. You know you’re a college student when you do more hours of homework  a  day than sleep at night. 

As people grow older, they tend to gain access to more things that will allow them to pass the time a lot faster and easier. 

People drown themselves in piles of books, games, memes or even the latest shows on Netflix in the attempt to enjoy their freetime. 

However, it’s best to learn efficient ways to not let your hobbies takeover the time that you need for your assignments. 

It, unfortunately, happens to too many people, but isn’t impossible to fix.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when individuals need to take a moment to micromanage these hobbies. 

If someone feels like they’re drowning in an ocean of hobbies, take a moment to manage the time spent on them. 

A very effective way to cut down on procrastination is to cut off all ties with the outside world for the amount of time that is necessary to get homework done. 

This means to let friends and family know it’s time to get on that school-work grind. 

This method is extremely effective because by doing this, you’ll only be closing the window of opportunity to get distracted by others.

It’s good to keep in mind that taking personal time for oneself is not always procrastination. Having access to hobbies or pastimes isn’t bad at all though. 

Life is often tiring. Taking finals, passing classes, managing time and money, it’s all very stressful. 

Some people don’t handle the stress as well as others, so it’s nice to get lost in fantasy land for a while, albeit within limits. 

It’s great to have friends who want to talk all the time, but when it comes to the pile of work students may have, they must remember what needs to be done first. 

It’s easy to forget that friends will be available to talk to later. 

In contrast the homework assignment a student gets may only have a few hours or even minutes left to complete. Not accomplishing homework assignments can cause major problems scholastically.

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