Badminton loses nail biter

CN/Samantha Iniquez. I got it—Cassandra Sanchez (left) watches as her teammate Yehong Tan jumps to hit the birdie during their match against El Camino College on Friday in the north gym.

By Alex Handy

East Los Angeles College was defeated in a badminton match by El Camino College 11 sets to 10.

“We didn’t come very prepared. We were missing a few players. We came off a good win against Compton and think we underestimated our opponent today,” said East Los Angeles College head coach Qui Nguy.

Sophomore Yehong won the most sets for ELAC with four.

“This is my first year playing badminton. I’m very surprised of how successful I’ve been playing and my love for the game is growing,” said Yehong.

The whole team has never played badminton before as a sport.

Freshman team captain Gabriela Naranjo lost her singles matches, but won a few doubles matches with her first time partner Jessica Zhou.

“Jessica and I don’t really have a lot of chemistry because she isn’t my usual partner. My usual partner didn’t show up today,” Said Naranjo

ELAC and El Camino were neck-and-neck for most of the day until the final doubles  when El Camino won the match two sets to one.

“I think we lost because the other team was more conditioned than us so they were able to last longer, their head coach is also the women’s soccer coach so i’m sure they run a lot.” Said Naranjo

“We play PCC (Pasadena City College) next and they were state champions so this weeks practice we are going to cover conditioning and techniques because we were very sloppy this week with our technique,” said Nguy.

“Believe it or not there is a lot of teamwork in the game and that doesn’t mean just doubles. In singles practice our members have to motivate each other especially for next week. Pasadena has some veteran players so we have to bounce back from this week and move onto the next one,” said Nguy when asked about individual match ups.

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