OPINION: Students Need to Control Cell Phone Usage

By Adam Robles

If the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning is your phone, you may be one of the people who needs to break away from their enslavement to technology.  

The problem with this is that prioritizing your phone before anything else is a sign of cell phone addiction, according to a research article done by King University Online. 

The research says, the average person spends about five hours a day on their phone, which is almost a quarter of a day on these devices. 

Each situation may vary from person to person because some people need their phones to conveniently do homework. 

People can also self-educate themselves on these devices by watching informational videos on websites like YouTube. 

Phones allow breaking news to be reported to the palm of your hand within a matter of minutes of things happening.

Cell phones continue to become more and more advanced as time passes. 

It almost seems like these devices are a necessity nowadays. 

The problem is sometimes people obsess over a device that is supposed to make their life easier. Cell phones fulfill their purpose better than ever before. 

But with this advancement it creates a large window for both positive and negative opportunities. 

There is also more stress that is laid upon everyone who uses them.

It’s really all about moderation and being responsible enough to use the technology to your advantage rather than being completely consumed by something that’s supposed to making living easier.

 These advancements in technology make phones more capable to do things every year with them becoming both a  blessing and a curse. 

The good thing about phones is that they allow college students to gain access to a lot of classroom materials making learning much easier than ever before.

This includes being able to type up whole essays using any app that allows you to word process and then allows a student to turn it in. 

Textbooks are now purchased online, and you can download an ebook and use it on your phone. 

Students no longer  need to carry around a heavy textbook just to read a few pages of it at a time. 

That’s all without the need of a conventional computer. 

The amount of things people can do on their phones almost seems limitless. 

This tends to put a strain on some people because sometimes they feel forced to constantly check their phone throughout the day. 

Most do this just to check up on their friends on social media. 

With social media also comes more societal norms that are place upon people. 

Sometimes friends and family expect people to be on their preferred social media platform as much as possible just to keep in touch and become accustomed to their obnoxious internet behaviors.

Social media fulfills many positive things, but it can also be abused by many people. While social media is a door to communicate and socialize with people that you might not get to talk to as often and reunite with childhood friends, it can also be seen as a window for abuse. 

This window can allow bullies to constantly hunt you down for their own entertainment. 

There are obviously ways to keep them out if they are an issue, by blocking them or making a private account, but some people seem oblivious to even that.

With any given object there comes multiple people questioning whether its useful to people or not. No matter what it is, the answer will always vary. 

Almost anything can help someone in some academic way, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the key to success. 

There’s a similar situation when these devices are also seen as bad. Most of them are technically bad for your health. 

Staring at a screen all day definitely puts strain on your eyes, but it’s up to the individual to make sure to cut down on their time using it.

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