OPINION: Social Media Can’t Replace Human Interaction

By Adam Robles

Technology advances more and more by the day, leading people to care less about real world and more about their cognitive worlds. 

As society continues to dive deeper into the landfill of materialistic items, they seem to have also become oblivious to the problems surrounding them. 

It is now easier than ever to get anything and everything delivered directly to a customer’s house. 

This is in stark contrast to having to go out and go through the tedious processes that people were going through just a decade ago.

Now it seems like everyone is getting lazier and becoming social hermits. 

This makes people less likely to go out and experience new things. 

It’s ironic how people have connected with each other  through social media and the everyday devices they use, yet they have become  disconnected from reality in the process.

People are starting to rely on social media to fulfill most of  their social interactions.

Everyone is expected to have their own social media account so that their friends and family can check in on them whenever they feel the need to do so. It has come  to this point because people are becoming less concerned with scheduling some time to hang out or even communicating with  someone to check in and ask them how they are doing. 

They’d rather skip that and tap the screen of their phones to see pixels of what they’re allowed to see.

The problem with this way of interaction is that social media can often become a sad or depressing place.

 It’s filled with advertisements of nice things. 

This takes people down the path of sadness because they begin to take what they already have for granted and only focus on what they’re missing. 

This is because a lot of people are confined to the “shiny objects” idea where they only want new things until they become dull and boring. 

Then they want to move on to the next best thing.

Social media is  filled with people who are constantly showing off the things they buy, the people they hang out with, and sometimes even ranting about their random emotions. 

It seems like there is always someone waiting to attack others for having conflicting opinions. 

The best alternative to this would be to disregard all of that social media nonsense. 

Get out for once and experience the beauty of nature. Talk to people in person.  

Come out of your shell and experience life for what it is and not for what is shown through mere pixels.

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