OPINION: Super Bloom hampered by large crowds

CN/Melody Ortiz

By Mariana Montoya

The world-wide phenomenon known as the Super Bloom of  poppy flowers covered some of California’s mountains in cities such as Lake Elsinore, and Antelope Valley. 

The colorful flowers announced the beginning of spring in a major way. 

After all the rain, the bloom came in at a perfect time for these cities to get some exposure to the world. Unfortunately, concerns began to slowly come out. 

This Super Bloom was giving drivers headaches, as traffic in these areas increased, and the places themselves were  not continuously being taken care of by the visitors.

 “I went to Lake Elsinore to visit some family and I stopped by the flowers, but that traffic was a total nightmare,” said Elena Soto, a freshman student at East Los Angeles College. 

 In an effort to get the perfect Instagram picture people were sitting or laying down on the flowers, utterly ruining them.

 Melanie Lopez a student at ELAC mentioned that the fields were bombarded with people who were trying to get good pictures of the flowers. Sadly they ended up ruining the flowers in the process. 

The Super Bloom began in the month of March, and it took everyone in the country by surprise. This was the first time in a while since such an event happened in these cities. 

Tourists covered the trails. People from different countries, such as France, China and India were bringing their families to these picture worthy areas. 

The lines people were making to be able to hike the mountains began to get really long. The wait times reached two hours.

This caused the city of Lake Elsinore to close down this area. 

They did this in order to be able to have control of the traffic and the  people that were coming in to see the flowers.

The Super Bloom is a beautiful gift from mother nature. However,  because the season of poppy flowers is sadly coming to an end, this is the last week the flowers will be in bloom.  

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