Vision club offers students tips for success

By Alejandro Ambriz

Vision Club, led by professor Randy Ludwig, heads into its tenth year on campus.

Every Friday, members gather with Ludwig to discuss a range of topics and current events.

“We talk about the tax code, does God exist, reasons why Republicans are right or why Democrats are right,” said Ludwig.

The idea behind this club, he said, is to ‘pass on academic information and leadership skills necessary to contribute to the world in a positive outcome.’In his years at ELAC, Ludwig has encountered students that faced different struggles ranging from poverty to language barriers.

Ludwig realized not everyone has the advantages that other people have, so it became a question of “what can I do to balance the playing field a little and contribute to those who might not know what to do.”

Vision Club shares these secrets of success and knowledge from professor to student, which differs from a debate or critical thinking club in the sense that “these are parts of being a well educated, informed productive member of society” said Ludwig.

There are a range of topics and life skills explored in Vision club like their recent topic on thinking fallacies; things that impede the development of a great topic.

Students talked about how to recognize these when people try to persuade us and how to avoid them in our own speech.

The point of vision club is to solve problems and contribute positively to the world around us, and Ludwig is no exception.

He contributes about three to four hours of work a week on vision club for the thirty current members.

Current secretary Veronica Mora Aguilar joined Vision club in the Fall of 2018 and said that she enjoys Ludwig’s encouragement and positive outlook.

“He is continuously inspiring us to reach our fullest potential, and to work through our challenges,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said some of the activities they have worked on include character sketches and guest speakers.

Character sketches involve members presenting on a person they admire, from writers to presidents to family members.

Guest speakers have presented to members throughout each semester of the club and have included a self defense class, psychology professors, and people who have gone through drug abuse and recovery.

These are some of the ways the club offers students the opportunity to learn about the world and problem solve.

“Our club is really well rounded and will prepare you and inform you of all areas that is needed in our society,” said former member Emily Gonzales.

Students in Vision club are constantly discussing both sides of an argument in an attempt to relate to another and diversify opinions.

Vision club is open to all discussion. Ludwig hopes to “help foster positivity and not negativity” for the students of ELAC.

Vision Club meets every Friday at 12:30pm at F7-220.

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