BTS takes the stage on their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” World Tour

By Kimberly Chacon 

BTS, a k-pop group, performed an exciting, one-of-a-kind show, despite the language barrier between English and Korean. The sold out concert,part of the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world  tour,. was full of over 60,000 fans that were eager to see the group.

All songs were performed in Korean but that did not stop the fans from singing and dancing to the lyrics.

BTS performed 24 songs during the concert. The performance was full of surprises for example non-stop explosions of fireworks, confetti and flames throughout the night. It was full of light through entire stadium that change colors it was an amazing thing to see. In order to participate with the crowd to enjoy the changing of colors you had to buy an Army Bombs, BTS’ signature light sticks. It’s a Bluetooth light stick that connects to your phone via a BTS app.From what I heard from a fan is that it cost between $56 and $60 dollars.

The fans were really cooperative and follow the rules there was not issue with any fight during the concerts. Great crowds that they were so into the concert enjoying it singing their lungs out to the lyrics to the songs.

The concert was sold out but it seem that it was ninety-five percent female and a five percent male at the concert. The restroom lines for the women’s was crazy long that you had to wait for like fifteen minute to like 30 minutes that’s an estimate from how long the line where. They even had to convert two men restroom into women restroom because of how long the line where.

Each of the members of the group had their own performance during the show. They even had a member fly thought the

At the end of the concert, each of the members gave their thank you to the fans and gave them a small talk of appreciation. Which seem like the best thing ever to do thanking their fans that are loyal that came from different part of the United States. They ended the concert with a song and firework show. The best thing ever to see the firework show and how the fans were leaving the concert with tears in there face and crying. So many happy fans that were so happy that they had attended an amazing concert one of a kind .

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