Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson play con artists in ‘The Hustle’

getting hustled—Penny, played by Rebel Wilson, looking for a chance to show Josephine, played by Anne Hathaway, she has what it takes to be a great con artist in “The Hustle.” COURTESY OF MGM

By Kelsey Cook

When the Hustler gets hustled. The Hustle is a perfect combination of humor, fashion, sex, money and power.

The movie, directed by Chris Addison, is about two women, both hustlers, who partner to land the ultimate con.

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are exciting, adorable, unpredictable and unforgettable.

Josephine, played by Anne Hathaway, a very seasoned, intelligent, affluent, beautiful and well-spoken con woman meets Penny, played by Rebel Wilson, a brash, unpredictable, rough around the edges, comical yet adorable con woman, on a train. Penny gets in trouble with the law and remembers the opulent Josephine that she met.

Josephine was able to get her out of jail and they became “frenemies”. Both women find out they are con artists, with Josephine being the more successful one, having almost 30 million dollars and various assets.

The movie  took many twists and turns and the ending was not predictable at all.

Anne Hathaway’s character Josephine was very glamorous and sophisticated. She had a very enjoyable british accent that was absolutely adorable.

A major emphasis of her role was her wardrobe.  Her looks and pieces  were spectacular. Hathaway was dripped in the latest high fashion brands.

Designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, Hermes, and  Louboutin draped her body. The fashion was sensational. Emma Fryer, costume designer, chose very complimentary looks and pieces to accentuate Anne Hathaway’s regal beauty and persona which tied directly to Josephine the character.

Sarah Brock and Stacey Butterworth both on the hair and makeup team made Josephine (Anne Hathaway) look stunning.

The hair and makeup was very on trend and went well with all of the costume designs. All of the looks were very complete from both wardrobe and hair and make up. Anne Hathaway was memorizing.

Rebel Wilson as Penny played a very childlike, friendly yet mean, comedic, complex character.

Penny was very conniving and mean spirited yet you could not help but to love her. If you like dry humor, you will love and appreciate the performance Rebel Wilson portrayed. Rebels physical comedy was hilarious.

“The Hustle” is a perfect movie to watch with the girls. The movie flowed great and I was left wanting more .

The movie had major plot twists and you will not see them coming. The humor relies on their physical and temperamental contrasts. This comedy is worth the twenty five dollar movie ticket.

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