‘Detective Pikachu’ delivers action-packed thriller

pikachu shocks theaters—Pikachu looks through magnifying glass as movie reveals plot twist. COURTESY OF WARNER BROS

By Berenice Ochoa

The action of a Pokemon battle in a video game or anime isn’t as epic as watching it realistically on screen.

Besides from all the action, a strong bond based on friendship, loyalty and respect among a trainer and their pokemon develops when experiencing an adventure.

“Pokemon Detective Pikachu” starring Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds released on May 10 in 3D and Standard definition is a film of mystery and fantasy rated PG.

The movie is about the adventure of Pikachu and Tim Goodman, played by Justice Smith, teaming up to find Tim’s father who has gone missing.Pikachu is later discovered to be Tim’s father, Harry Goodman, played by Ryan Reynolds.

Where Tim comes from, pokemon are owned for battles, entertainment purposes and as pets, but there is only one place that allows pokemon to roam around freely.

In Ryme City pokemon are allowed to peacefully live with humans in the futuristic city. They are also able to team up and cooperate with humans and be helpful around the city.

For example, a Squirtle can be a firefighter’s assistant due to Squirtles abilities as a water type Pokemon.

A Machamp that helps navigate traffic with his four arms. This shows how much humans value the existence of the Pokemon.

Not all (currently) 800 Pokemon made appearances in the movie, but the most popular were presented in a realistic version.

Some of the few Pokemon who were presented on screen are: Aipoms, Bulbasaurs, Charmanders, Charizards, Cubones, Flareons, Gengars, Greninjas, Loudreds, a Lickitung, a Jigglypuff, a Mewtwo.

In the beginning of the film a car going at high speed driving away from an explosion after Mewtwo escaped to chase the car.

Mewtwo flipped the car off a bridge and the scene gets cut off to where the audience sees Tim with a friend, Jack, played by Karan Soni, who encouraged Tim to catch a lonely Cubone and become partners.

The Cubone refused to be caught and it was Tim’s final attempt to become a trainer.

When Tim returned to the city, his phone’s signal came back, he received voicemails and found out that his father had died while he was investigating the case.

Tim decides to visit his father’s residence to collect his belongings and finds out everything that happened during his absence.

Throughout the rest of the movie Pikachu and Tim both discover from Mewtwo that Harry’s mind has been transferred in the body of Pikachu to survive.

The fight scene where Pikachu has forgotten how to use his powers against Charizard could have lasted longer with more signature moves and attacks that  Charizard and Pikachu are capable of doing.

On the other hand, the techniques and physical power that Mewtwo has were spot on, when it was able to revive and heal Pikachu after being hit by a rock at the Garden of Torterras.

The attacks that some of the Pokemon used were impressive, in the graphics also made the Pokemon look more realistic.

For example, the texture of the scales on Charmander and Charizard made them look like real reptiles.In addition to the details and the blend of colors in Bulbasaur’s eyes were amazing.

The opening scene and first Pokemon presented is one of the most popular and powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon species, Mewtwo chasing a car.

The choice of choosing a Pokemon like Mewtwo was a good decision because of the thrill and suspense when a powerful Pokemon sends a car flying off a bridge making you want to stay to watch what other disaster Mewtwo will cause or what will happen.

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