REVIEW: Dancers pull heartstrings

By Maria Marroquin Monroy

East los Angeles College recital hall hosted The Let’s Dance Company’s 14th Repertoire Dance Concert, composed of 12 performances of different styles.

A great mixture of colors and lighting created an enjoyable ambience for audiences.

A few of the performances stood out like “Livin’ on a prayer,” taking people back to the ’80s,  “Salsa,” awakening the Latin flavor, the opening performance “Amazon” transported the crowd into an electric nature vibe and “Be, Be Your Love” incited emotional vibes to the crowd. 

“I loved it because it felt like they pulled the strings of your heart with that performance. You can tell they worked hard and it was definitely worth it. It was fantastic. I loved every bit of it,” Lewis Powell, ELAC student, said. 

Kimberly Rabins, Artistic Director of LDC choreographed 8 out of the 12 pieces performed and while she loves all of them for different reasons, she said “‘Be, be your love’ speaks to numerous people because it is about relationships and love, that always gets people feeling things that they are familiar with.”

The performances had an assigned costume that worked perfectly with the theme of each dance. 

The costumes were flashy, but not so much that they took the attention away from the dancers. 

Crystal Ramos has been with the company for three years and she said they have to learn about 4 to 5 dances a month. 

They practice about six hours a day during  school hours and continue at home.

“We have to listen to our music at home and we have to close our eyes for a minute or two and go through the routine in our head. If you don’t see yourself performing it, then you can’t do it,” Ramos said.

She is a criminal justice major at ELAC, but she plans to transfer and pursue a dancing major elsewhere.

Dianne Casillas and Eduardo Benavidez, parents of Isabella Benavidez, said they enjoy seeing their daughter perform. 

Benavidez who has been a part of the company for three years said she has been dancing since she was in high school and while she is still undecided on what major to follow, dancing is her passion and she plans to continue with it.

“She’s hinted in the past she wants to stop, but she keeps coming back and the way she performs comes natural to her,” her father said.

Former ELAC nursing student Alma Castro attended the event with her sister and her aspiring dancer 5 year old daughter. 

“I enjoyed seeing her (the daughter’s) reaction to the performances. She was very inspired and really wants to grow up and dance like them,” Castro said. 

People in attendance were asked by event organizers to not use their cellphones during the performances, so they can fully experience the present.  

“I thought it was interesting because we are so used to recording everything. The fact that during the performances, they kept stopping people from using their cellphones kind of made them focus (on) the dancers so that was great,” said attendee of the event Jose Campos.

Rabins said they usually choose between 20 to 30 people, but they’ve had larger companies in the past. 

To join LDC, students have to audition in front of a panel of judges.

“I think it is important for interested candidates to be prepared for the audition,” she said. 

“They should make sure they have their application filled out, a resume and a headshot. We always look for students/dancers who are organized and have good time management skills. It is essential to being a part of a dance company.”

The LDC will host auditions tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the S2 building in room 106. 

“We look for candidates who really have a passion for dance. We want candidates to have the time commitment to be in company like this,” Rabins said. 

For more information to join the LDC, students can visit

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