REVIEW: DJ Khaled releases ‘another one’

WE the best—21 Savage and DJ Khaled rap about being the greatest rapper from the South in the music video of “Wish Wish,” also featuring Cardi B.

By Andrew Ayala

DJ Khaled’s reign over mainstream hip-hop continues with the release of his eleventh studio album titled “Father of Asahd.” His previous album titled “Grateful” included his son, who was only one-year old, as an executive producer and now has this new album named after him.

From beginning to end the album feels like a culmination of success among artists from different backgrounds and genres. It definitely gives off a feel-good vibe and seems to have the ability to turn a listener’s day around.

Although DJ Khaled never raps, his ad libs express his positivity throughout the albums entirety. He is credited as a producer for all of the songs and has created albums by purely producing and mastering before. Mastering a song is when someone makes sure it is in its best form with no mistakes or sound issues.

As mentioned, the album features a hybrid of new generation artists such as Lil Baby, 21 Savage, SZA, Cardi B and Gunna as well as seasoned veterans such as Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Nas and the late and great Nipsey Hussle.

This clash of artists creates a well-put together album where like-minded individuals come together and collaborate on songs that express various emotions and messages.

Right off the bat, listeners are hit with a track titled “Holy Mountain” which has a beautiful Jamaican influence. Artists such as Buju Banton, Sizzla and Mavado create an unforgettable combination with powerful lyrics.

Other songs such as “Wish Wish,” “Celebrate,” “Jealous,” “No Brainer” and “Weather the Storm” have the potential to be mainstream hits which will probably be played over the radio countlessly.

There is nothing wrong with mainstream music, but at times it feels very generic and can get boring after a few listens.

Other tracks such as “Higher” bring artists like Nipsey Hussle and John Legend together to create a masterpiece that anyone can enjoy.

The fact that they are artists from completely different genres makes this a great track because listeners can hear the pureness and truth behind the lyrics they sing. The song almost has an invisible heavenly aura which resembles a modern day fusion of gospel and rap.

“Won’t Take My Soul” is another powerful song due to hip-hop legend Nas rapping facts while CeeLo Green’s angelic voice gives the positive vibes that everyone needs once in a while.

This is another strong song which creates empowerment and explains some of the trials and tribulations that these artists have been through. These are the parts of the album that really stand out because they are more than a song that will do great on the charts, but a beautiful collaboration between musical geniuses.

Having such experienced artists work together is definitely shown to be a great combination like peanut butter and jelly.

Another song that really stands out is “Big Boy Talk,” which features two of hip-hop’s hardest hustlers, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.

This is an anthem for the streets and prove that high-tier hood artists are more than just money-makers, but also can spread knowledge and guide the youth toward better paths.

The track makes sure to expose those artists who claim to be in the streets selling drugs and doing half the things they rap about.

Image is very important nowadays, so this track feels like an ode to keeping it real and committing to oneself.

DJ Khaled manages to create an album that is one of the most powerful and uplifting by not only creating great beats, but also getting these artists to collaborate with one another.

Although DJ Khaled never raps, he still manages to get artists from all parts of the music spectrum to create a masterpiece. Usually albums focus on one part of an artist’s life but this album seems to be a manifestation of everything these people have been through and what the future holds in store.

The album is 15 songs long and has a runtime of 54 minutes. This isn’t something that you necessarily need to have a hard copy of, but it is definitely something worth giving a few listens to.

It includes songs which people from all ages and backgrounds can identify with.

From the beats, to the artists and the messages they are singing and rapping, this definitely makes for one of DJ Khaled’s strongest and most mature albums.

“Father of Asahd” was released on Friday and is available for stream on multiple platforms.

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