OPINION: Students should focus on mental health

By Mariana Montoya

Long hours of studying for finals along with homework, tests, work, family problems and social pressures can really drive a person crazy.

Societal pressures and the constant harassment of obtaining more than what is within reach are probably the biggest issues that we are currently facing.

Even though reaching for more than we have is not a negative thing, putting pressure on obtaining these things at the cost of peoples mental wellness is very much negative.

This has greater potential than we can imagine because it can lead individuals to really dark places.

Dark places tend to teach harsh lessons and even incur losses i.e. suicides, suicide attempts or even murders.

Our minds are so complex, and they carry so much throughout the day that if we do not continually attempt to make sure or check ourselves, we can end up with so much more burdens than we can actually hold.

Mental health is probably one of the most controversial and one of the most important things to address.

Mental health matters. In other words it is ok to not be ok, as long as we take care of what is within our reach.

Many times we look at people and we really do not realize the issues they have going on in their daily lives.

Some might be in a great place with school and enjoying life, but occasionally they are suddenly faced with seeing their friends posting pictures of marriage, finishing school or even having kids.

The pressure begins to rise because they might not have these things.

Expectations may begin to increase along with the realization that perhaps they are not doing enough.

Other times it could be things such as a bad grade, bad day or even bills that add to all these problems.

“It is hard living in society that expects so much from us, we are young and we all really want to survive,” said East Los Angeles student Beatriz Lopez.

Everyone’s process and life experiences are different.

Individuals might also see pop culture celebrities making fortunes or making dreams happen. This can also affect the life of individuals.

Some people may not know how to handle this.

Leading them to pretend as if nothing is wrong rather than seeking help.

This all begins as stress, once stress is at its peak it begins to affect an individual’s emotional well being.

Unfortunately, if we do not take care of our emotional well being we can start experiencing emotional stresses that affects our physical health which can lead to health problems.

The decline of our physical health can bring out different diseases that can deviate us from living in peace.

May is Mental Health awareness month.

A high percentage of people experience mental health issues, whether it be depression, anxiety, panic attack, postpartum depression, among many other issues that affect day to day life, but do not speak of it.

They live in silence and choose not to speak of it due to lack of trust.

Sometimes it is pride, other times it is simply delay for us to take some time off  and take care of our mental health, but it is important.

During this month we should be aware that mental health should be a  priority, not only to help prevent further health problems, but to help others who are also struggling.

“Mental health is so important to take charge of because we live with our thoughts daily. This is not something we can easily avoid”said East Los Angeles student Michael Ortiz.

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