ASU charters clubs in meeting, some clubs miss

By Johanna Calderon

The Student Union held a meeting on Friday for all the clubs who had to request approval of the funds. In addition, one of the club members had to present the reasoning to obtain funding because the board members wanted to know how they were going to use the funds.

Some clubs didn’t attend the ASU meeting which caused them to not be able to access the account.

The Speech Team got probation and they have to do six hours of volunteer work at the graduation in order to be in good standing. They missed an Inter-Club Council meeting three times.

It’s important that the clubs know all the details because they can lose the money provided to them.  The problem is that some clubs don’t get the memo when they are getting chartered. There are steps they must follow and they have to meet the deadline. If the clubs don’t have the papers, they won’t get chartered.

At the beginning of the ICC meeting there was an open discussion involving senator of ASU, Adrian Portillo and when the members have a disagreement, they told him they don’t need his opinion.

He’s there to help the students when they are in need and he felt that he wasn’t part of the board. Juan Casillas is the ASU Vice President of Finance, and had something to say about abortion.

“There was incidented..happened that Alabama ban abortion and I take it personally because it unconsidered human being decide to make choice women body the choice,” said Casillas.

In addition, ASU wanted to get removed from the Student Lounge because they want it for storage for the food pantry. The students don’t pick up for themselves and the lounge is getting dirtier. Some of the members don’t agree and said the student body should decide what they want to do with it.

ASU stated that they don’t have much money so the question is how are they going to provide the fund the clubs that got approved.

Furthermore to have a club chartered they have to fill out the application and make sure that everything is filled out correctly. Otherwise the application will be sent back incomplete. In addition the advisors have to sign the papers and they have to go to the orientation.

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