OPINION: South Gate campus should offer more diverse classes

By Kimberly Chacon

East Los Angeles College is great for having two campuses, but the South Gate campus needs to offers more classes. They need to offer a variety of course.

At the South Gate campus, students can take science courses, but they are unable to take the lab part. Hopefully, the new campus will have laboratories added. They should also offer journalism classes for students with communication majors.

The South Gate campus is great for students who do not want to drive to the main campus. When the new part of the South Gate campus is built,  they need to offer more variety of courses.

ELAC offers a free shuttle for student to take to each campus. The South Gate campus is well maintained with great resources and faculty to help you achieve your degree, but with limited courses offered, it is hard for students to focus on one campus.

At South Gate campus they offer a Continuing Education and Outreach Office for students to get help with enrolling in credit and noncredit classes.  It can’t go wrong when they are helping you enroll in classes that meet your educational goals.They do also provide adult education, community services and basic skills programs for students populations.

Hopefully, the new South Gate campus has more to offer students. The new campus will be bigger, double the size of the old one. ELAC Campus is not a bad campus is great campus because it may be the only campus the has two campuses to offer students opportunity to get a degree.

The students need to take advantage of the opportunity ELAC offers despite that South Gate campus offers limited classes to take but it’s better offering than not offering nothing at all.

The South Gate campus will take time to be built and, hopefully, be better to accommodate all students. If students need help with math or English, there is tutoring offered in both campuses. The new campus will top the old campus and be bigger offering much more classes than expected.

The South Gate Campus has been around for a while and a lot of students have succeeded and have gotten a degree or a degree of transfer.

They offer classes year round from morning to evening. For students who can’t attend a class during the week due to work.

Do not worry you could take the class online or on Saturday if they offer it. They offer a Weekend College Experience (WEC).  The experiences are classes to meet the requirement of IGETC or for a Associate Degree. They offer five tracks that you could take that consist of a set of four or three classes.You could mix by taking on the weekends or daily.

They always trying to help you succeed.Always  take risk because if you don’t you will never be successful.Try to challenge yourself by taking the extra class.If you fail don’t give up get right back up and take the risk again. ELAC had tutoring center to help you succeed in your classes when your stuck on a math problem or an essay.

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