LACCD, mayors’ websites provides information on immigrant rights

By Juan Calvillo

In a series of tweets made early Saturday, President Donald Trump announced that deportation raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement were postponed.

Information is available on the LACCD website for students that are undocumented or have the benefit of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. There, the district has provided something it calls the LACCD Blue Card. This simple card gives the students instructions on how to handle themselves if approached by a member of ICE and highlights their constitutional rights.

The card also has contact information to various organizations that can help students in situations involving immigration, such as the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and the Office of Immigration Affairs. To get in contact with the OIA about immigration situations call, 800-593-8222.

The information the OIA presents highlights the peoples’ rights as it pertains to interactions with ICE. The information is provided as a simple printable file that includes information and suggestions, like legal forms individuals should have accessible and knowing which rights to exercise when in the presence of an ICE agent. Information also includes important consumer rights.

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