Workshop to provide empowerment tools

By Juan Calvillo

The Dream Resource Center is holding free self-empowerment workshops next Tuesday and Wednesday for all students.

Carlos Guerrero, students services assistant at the DRC, said that the workshop is a simple reminder to students that they have a lot of self- power already and that by tapping into it, their scholastic career can go much smoother.

The workshop will be about an hour in length, but the hour will be packed with content for the students to absorb and talk about.

Guerrero said that events are designed with not only sharing tool sets for empowerment, but that they will rely on the differing student perspectives to remind students that they have power already.

Vanessa Lopez, adjunct instructor special assignment at the DRC, said that the students on campus have unique perspectives and have experienced things from their own cultures that other students can learn

from. She said that this resiliency is sometimes forgotten by the very students that have lived it.

“It’s always good to have that reminder right? Because they do have it within them,” said Lopez.

She also wanted students to understand that despite the DRC focusing on undocumented and LBGTQ students, all students are invited to the workshops.

The workshop focuses on showing students that creating goals is key to college life. Lopez said that it was important for students to take the time and really create goals to challenges they may see coming and to have that mindset of solution focused strategies.

The workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive. Lopez said that the workshop will give a chance for these students to interact and learn focused strategies to setting goals through sharing past experiences.

Guerrero said that going to college is like starting a career. Some students can be in the college system anywhere from two to eight

years. He said that the idea of this workshop is to help students leverage past experiences.

Experiences that show the resilience and perseverance they have and to acknowledge that theyhave self-ef cacy.

Guerrero said that one of the main things educators want to do is remind students that they already are equipped with skills

“It’s one of those things that you’ve really got to know. Not just solely rely on others, but be able to depend on yourself as well,” said Guerrero.

The workshops at both campuses will take place from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. with free pizza for attendees.

At the main campus, the event will take place Tuesday at F5-209. At the South Gate campus, the event will be held on Wednesday in room 113.

For more information on the event contact the DRC by phone at 323-415-4583 or visit them in E1-142.

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