OPINION: Parents should encourage vaccination for their children

By Michael Dominguez

Children in California should continue to get their vaccinations to stay safe from preventable diseases.

Doctors that sign off onkids to attend schools without proper vaccinations should face consequences and be stripped of their medical licenses.

They should not be in hospitals because they are breaking theoath to follow the correct medical practices and help otherswhen a medical problem is needed.

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed a bill into law to reprimandmedical professionals that falsify medical records for parents whorefuse to vaccinate their children before enrolling them in school.

This bill is very helpful because it keeps children safe from preventable diseases that are infectious and can be deadly.

Just last year there were outbreaks

of measles in Disneyland. The Centers for Diseases Controlof Prevention revealed that therehave been 1,241 individual cases of measles this year in 31 states.

Measles should be avoidable and gone. There are parents that do not believe in shots and now their kids are not immune to these viruses,which they can pass to othersif infected and cause an outbreak.

Medical research is conductedto prevent any type of commonsickness and help people with their medical needs.

Some people are againstvaccinations because they believe there is a correlation between autism and shots.

Although there has been no proven connection between them, some believe the vaccine for measles-mumps-rubella is a direct cause of autism.

The chances of developingdisabilities are unknown so that shouldn’t stop someone from gettingtheir shots to stay healthy and avoidthe spreading of illnesses.

Another example is thewhooping cough that was big in the 1940s and had not been around since the 1950s.

According to the CDC, however, there were 163 cases in Georgia in 2018. They reported 102 cases in August.

There is no reason why a commoncold that was killing children in the 40s should be making a comeback.

Medical fields are advancedenough to prevent it from ever returning again.

Parents who are anti-vaccinationsare being really selfish for notallowing their children tobe vaccinated and are being inconsiderate of others around them.

Other children should not be getting sick just because a fellowclassmate did not get the propershots.

The new vaccination bill isa great way to prevent diseaseoutbreak and keep people healthy. This should get other statesto do the same and follow the samepractices to avoid mass illnesses.

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