Club rush week invades ELAC

By Mariana Montoya

Clubs got the opportunity to present themselves to students and provide insight on how they operate during this semester’s Club Rush.

East Los Angeles College students were provided with club schedules which include future events that they can participate in.

Most clubs are organized with the primary goal of providing students with networking opportunities which  can help them meet professionals in the field of study.

Other clubs emphasise bringing awareness to issues from across the world.

This all helps create an atmosphere of opportunity in which students can find individuals with like-minded goals, or perhaps a new and challenging confidence booster within these clubs.

“I think we as students should take advantage of events like these because maybe something like this can really enhance our experience while we are here,” said ELAC student Lissandra Montenegro.

This is also a chance for clubs to be able to increase their memberships. 

Some of the clubs that had a table were the MESA club, Speech club and Philosophy club amongst many others that will be there during the rest of the week. 

“So far I am really eyeing going into the Philosophy club or the History club, even though they have nothing to do with what I am studying, they seem really interesting. I might check them out this week,” said Montenegro. 

Many clubs gave information about what they offer students as far as providing references for students to be able to excel in the field of study.

For example, the Speech club helps students obtain confidence in public speaking by providing them an outlet to be able to do just that.

“Being in the speech club has been a really good way for me to express myself, if someone is looking to gain confidence within public I would really recommend it,’ said ELAC student Maria Montes.

 Other students came with the mindset of finding something that would help them get comfortable with themselves.

“I came looking for a club that can help me gain confidence in myself to be able to just network” said ELAC student Jessica Campos.

 On the other hand other students came looking to find information on a potential club they might be interested but did not find that.

“I think the clubs should be more organized and actually hand out information on their club because I do not think I really got any information on the clubs I was interested (in). There were many students that were not even asking about the club, they were just socializing with their friends,” said ELAC student Brisanelly Zambrano.

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