REVIEW: Skit-show restaurant comes to life, brings nostalgia

By Andrew Ayala

finger lickin’ chicken—The Goodwich is two pieces of fried chicken dipped in Ed’s sauce and a tangy peanut sauce topped with pickles, onion, tomato, buns and lettuce. CN/ Andrew Ayala

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. May I take you order?” were the famous words that dragged out of the worker’s mouth at the pop-up restaurant. 

Good Burger is a fictional fast-food restaurant from the famous ‘90s skit that aired on Nickelodeon’s “All That” program block. 

The restaurant opened on July 10 in order to get fans ready for the return of “All That” and the popular skit which birthed the restaurant. The same people who opened the “Saved by the Bell” pop-up, Saved by the Max, and Kel Mitchell, who plays “Ed” in the film “Good Burger,” are the people who brought this iconic restaurant to life.

The food is outstanding and Alvin Cailan, an Angeleno most known for his successful restaurant Eggslut, runs the kitchen. The menu is a decent size and has a variety of different entrees, sides, drinks and desserts. Ed’s sauce, a fan favorite, tastes just like thousand-island and was available for purchase. 

One entree they have is a goodwich, which is a fried chicken sandwich dipped in a tangy peanut sauce topped with onion, tomato, lettuce and            Ed’s sauce. 

The classic good burger is a tasty gourmet cheeseburger that truly feels like it is made with love, and the beyond burger is the same thing but the patty is created with beyond meat for those who enjoy vegan options. For those who just want chicken, they have the chicken chunks that is slathered in Ed’s sauce and served solo. 

easy as pie—One of the deserts offered at the Good Burger pop-up was the banana cream pie which was topped with banana pudding, sliced banana and whipped cream. CN/ Andrew Ayala

The sides include beer battered onion rings, good fries or a salad. The onion rings are fried to perfection and the fries are very thick and crunchy to the bite. To drink they have orange soda, good shakes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavor and even an alcoholic beverage with orange soda in it. The banana cream pie is the perfect cherry on top of a delicious meal.

It’s located in the heart of Los Angeles and although very simple on the outside, it is beautifully decorated on the inside. The place feels like a ‘90s burger joint with a modern spin on things. 

Aside from the restaurant, there are key locations to take photos, which fans will remember from the films, and even an arcade where guests can play video and table games from that era.

Bright colors and intricate designs catch the eye of the customers as well as a giant burger prop breaking out of a wall, but the service doesn’t match the beauty of the decoration. 

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a worker who takes their orders and gives further instruction. The person who was helping at the time forgot to give out hats to customers and wasn’t as giddy as Mitchell made them seem on  his Instagram posts. 

Fans of the film should remember the hospitality and positive attitude coming from the characters who worked at Good Burger but in this case the employees seemed lifeless and annoyed. Mitchell said he personally hand-picked the staff because he wanted only the best, but it’s uncertain if the workers upheld that same energy after opening week.

Tickets are $30 and come with one entree and one side, but customers can order more once they are seated. Overall, the experience is worth it for those who love the movie or are big fans of the show, but the service can be improved to match the quality of the food, decorations and costumes. 

The Good Burger pop-up restaurant will be open until December and customers must place a reservation online on

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