REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ embodies new era for life, career

Photo courtesy of Genuis

By Kelly Vasquez

The album “Lover” is Taylor Swift’s seventh album, and is filled with romantic and airy synthetic songs perfect for the end of summer.

It’s been over a year since Taylor Swift has released new music. 

Her last album in 2017, “Reputation,” was dark, reflective and bitter. Nonetheless, it sparked a new era for Swift. The inspiration for her new era came from her scandal involving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 

West had called Swift because he was writing a new song and wanted to include a lyric about Swift mentioning the infamous moment, they shared at the 2009 VMA’s, where he interrupted her winning speech for Best Female Music Video. 

Swift gave the okay but later went on to say she had no idea about the lyrics and wasn’t happy about it. Little did she know that West’s wife, Kardashian had recorded the entire phone call conversation. 

Swift was then painted as the villain in the media and she played that role well with songs like “Look What You Made Me Do” and “I Did Something Bad.” Swift gave herself a much-needed image reform.

Since then, everyone has been anticipating the release of her new album, and she surely delivers. 

She shifts gears from her “Reputation” album which has a gloomy and dark aesthetic, to an album filled with pastel hues, free-spirited songs and confidence.

Her first single off the album, “ME!,” is quite disappointing, so it was unclear whether this album would be a hit or a miss. 

It is definitely a hit. There are so many wonderful and catchy songs on this album that Swift sings effortlessly. 

One of the worst things about “ME!” is the lyrics, but Swift makes up for it with lines like, ‘And I couldn’t get away from you, In my feelings more than Drake, so yeah” and “I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you.” 

These lyrics represent feelings that are relatable. They represent heartbreak, new love or even a close friend’s betrayal. 

She sings about hardships that we have all faced but puts it together in an eloquent and sophisticated manner.

Taylor Swift in the past has been known to be extremely public with her relationships and quiet on her political views, but that changes in this album. 

Swift has been with her current boyfriend for a while now but they lead a very private life. Swift has also decided to finally stand up for issues with songs that are in support of queer rights such as the song “You Need to Calm Down” and for women’s rights such as the song “The Man.”

Although there might be some duds in the album such as “Soon You’ll Get Better” or “I Think He Knows,” the album is filled with many memorable songs. 

Some songs that stand out are “False God,” “Cruel Summer,” and “Paper Rings.” “False God” has a haunting melody with saxaphones that give it a cool vibe. “Cruel Summer” is upbeat and perfect to dance along to. “Paper Rings” is sweet and romantic, but also cheery. 

This album is definitely a sign that Swift is entering a new phase in her adult life and that perhaps the best is yet to come. 

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