OPINION: Earth gets closer to uninhabitable conditions

CN/ Ivana Amaral

By Luis Castilla

The Trump administration’s plan to revoke California’s control over fuel emissions is a disgusting capitalist-fueled reminder that there is no “Planet B.”

Last week, the Trump administration announced during president Trump’s visit to Los Angeles that California would lose its power to set its own emissions standards.

An article by the Los Angeles Times says, “The voluntary pact between the California Air Resources Board and automakers covers about a third of the new cars and SUVs sold in the U.S. 

“Under the agreement, the four automakers (Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW) agreed to produce cars that must reach a minimum of about 50 mpg by 2026.”

It is essential that California be allowed to keep its emissions standards. The Golden State has long been plagued by drought and wildfires so frequently they feel like weather. 

This state is in constant threat of unnatural disasters that could easily be avoided with pollution control.

Californians experience first-hand the effects of climate change, so if we want to reduce those effects by contributing a bit more, there is no reason to revoke California’s emissions control.

After the Clean Air Act of 1968, which aimed to control national air pollution, California was able to set its own emissions standards, which are tighter than those of the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Other states also adopted California’s emissions standards.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, vehicles are the largest contributors of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the United States.

Elaine Chao, United States Secretary of Transportation, said in a news conference that the administration was revoking California’s control over emissions standards because they make new cars too expensive. 

With federal control over emissions standards, the administration hopes more people will replace their old cars with new ones.

These cars would be free from California’s strict emissions standards.

Yes, these new cars may be cheaper, but they will also be worse for the environment. The EPA said the administration’s plan was “detrimental to safety, rather than beneficial.”

The Trump administration is willing to deform the Earth in order to stimulate the car industry. Meanwhile, protesters from all across the globe took to the streets Friday asking governments to fight against climate change.

We are not destroying the planet, we are destroying each other. Legendary comedian George Carlin once said, “The planet isn’t going anywhere. We are.”

At least once Earth is uninhabitable, the rich will move to Mars.

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