Law Day advises, informs students about legal resources

By Luis Castilla

East Los Angeles College’s Law Day provided a variety of different legal resources that are available to the public.

Representatives from several law associations and schools attended the event Thursday.

Guests at the event included Cynthia Gonzalez of the Deputy District Attorney’s Office, Eric Kim of the Associate General Counsel of Los Angeles Community College District and Martha Carillo of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. 

Other legal guests included Fernando Nunez of the Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, and Dennise Meija of the National Latina Women Association.

Mejia spoke about their upbringing and the hardships they had to overcome in order to become successful in their field.

Carillo spoke about how education is a great investment for students who want to broaden their opportunities for success. 

A couple of representatives from many law industry organizations attended as well.

These ranged from Bet Tzedek Legal Services, Community Legal Aid of Southern California, National Latina Business Women Association and Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles. 

Other groups also at the event were Los Angeles County Bar Association, SmartLaw, Federal Bureau of Investigation, South Central Family Health Center and Levitt & Quinn Family Law Firm.

Other organizations like Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, Los Angeles Police Department, Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles County Department of Business and Consumer Affairs and Deputy District Attorney’s Office are also law industry partners with ELAC.

SmartLaw is an organization that helps people find legal information and qualified lawyers. 

The SmartLaw Referral Service is certified by both the American Bar Association and California State Bar.

The service also has safeguards to protect clients from unqualified unscrupulous attorneys by prescreening practicing attorneys and ensuring they have met the high standards of their practice in the area of law they are in.

Dennise Meija, a representative of the National Latina Business Women Association, said the organization promotes, develops and supports the rapid growth of Latina entrepreneurs, executives and corporate professionals in Los Angeles and other surrounding communities.

“Identify your strengths and passions. That will motivate you to strive for success,” Meija said.

Los Angeles County Consumer and Business Affairs serves consumers, businesses and communities by creating a fair and vibrant marketplace for consumers and businesses by educating consumers about their rights and responsibilities, mediating disputes and investigating consumer fraud complaints. 

The department also assists small business owners and enforces L.A.County’s minimum wage ordinance.

Bet Tzedek Legal Services is one of the top legal agencies in the county, providing both direct services and impact litigation assistance to Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations. 

The Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic assists self-represented litigants with the process of filing and securing probate conservatorship over aging or developmentally disabled adults incapable of providing for their own care.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office offers two different internships.

Students who have completed their first year of law school are eligible to volunteer as law clerks during the following summer and during the following school year.

Also, individuals who participate in a Masters of Law program may volunteer as clerks.

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