OPINION: Halloween becomes stressful on weekdays

Petition asks for change to Saturday

By Miguel Dominguez

Halloween should be on the last Saturday of October, just like how  Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. 

This year, Halloween will be on a Thursday and nobody will want to show up to school or work the next day.  

If Halloween gets changed to   Saturdays, parents can have a full day to prepare for it and school parades could be changed to Fridays.

Halloween on a weekday can be  exhausting for parents who work.

If Halloween were to land on a Tuesday,  for example, parents would have to start their day dressing up their children for the school parade. They would then get ready for work, then come home   and go trick-or-treating with their kids.

Parents would also need to get dinner ready, which adds more to their exhausting day.

Some teenagers won’t go out trick-or-treating knowing they have homework that needs to be completed for the next day or to prepare for a test.

Some teenagers might have a curfew on weekdays and only get maybe two to three hours of trick-or-treating or partying.

Usually when Halloween lands on a weekday, adults who go to parties tend to celebrate it on a Saturday before Halloween and not on the actual day.

With Halloween on a Saturday, anyone can dress up and go out, whether it’s trick-or-treating or going to a costume party.

“I feel like it’s bad because a lot of people who want to go trick or treating, they have school the next day and they probably want to stay longer but they have to end early because of the next day,” East Los Angeles College student Destiny Tsui said.

If Halloween cannot be changed to a Saturday, then people should have Halloween and the next day off, if it lands on a weekday. This is so everyone can enjoy the holiday.

 Having Halloween on a Saturday makes more sense. Those who work on Friday would want to rest that night for Halloween.                  Anybody who needs to do last minute shopping, can spend half of the Saturday getting                                      ready for the night.

Some might need to paint their body or put on makeup, and this can take some time. For example, if a guy wants to dress up as the Hulk, he is going to need to paint most of his body green. 

He might also need to paint in some muscles, if he is not           muscular already or if he needs to add a few more packs to his abs.

Many of them may have the day off on Saturday, especially students, so it makes sense having              Halloween on a Saturday. After the night is over, everyone can relax and eat their candy the next day.

Join the Saturday Celebration is a petition posted on change.org where people can sign to try and change Halloween to the last weekend of the month. 

So far the petition has over 150,000 people who signed up. The goal is 200,000. 

Danielle Paris, one of the signers from Michigan, left a comment on the website saying, “It makes more sense to have it always on a Saturday so that we don’t have to worry about getting the kids home and in bed early for school the next day. Also, for most people, they wouldn’t have to worry about working that day or the day following.”

Another supporter, Nicole Engel, says, “Many families struggle to get off work to celebrate this fun and important holiday.”

Mira Moore also commented, “Yes, let’s move it over the weekend so the kids can stay out longer than 7 p.m. and they don’t have to wake up very cranky the next day.”

So those who are interested in changing Halloween to be celebrated on a Saturday should sign the petition for next year.

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