Inconsistencies cause Husky draw

Offensive lapse effects men’s soccer team’s momentum

By Stephanie Guevara

An offensive lapse in key moments of the game resulted in a Husky 2-2 tie against El Camino College on Friday at Weingart Stadium. 

East Los Angeles College struggled in the first half and couldn’t gain possession of the ball. 

The Huskies committed unnecessary fouls, which resulted in a penalty in favor of El Camino. El Camino went up 1-0 in minute 30. 

Toward the end of the first half, the Huskies were able to gain a bit of ball possession.

A more aggressive and attacking Husky team came out in the second half. Within minutes of the second half, ELAC shot twice on goal. 

“At the half we decided to attack a little more and put more numbers at the top so they (El Camino) can feel the pressure,” Ramon Rivas, assistant coach, said. 

 In an error from El Camino, goalkeeper Luis Garibay, where he was able to pass the ball correctly to his full back, Husky forward Paulo Macedo- Nakashigue, took the ball away and scored the first goal of the game. 

“I saw my teammate and he was pressuring the keeper. I thought ‘I’m going to pressure too, because maybe he’ll pass the ball to the full back. I think I was lucky,” Macedo-Nakashigue said. 

After the first goal, the Huskies were able to find open spaces to shoot from long distances, which startled El Camino. 

“ELAC is not indicative of what their record is. They’re a strong team. I saw them play a few weeks ago and they’re a strong team to play against. They just don’t have the type of record to show that,” Mike Jacobson, El Camino head coach, said.

Minutes after the first goal, Husky sophomore forward Joward Abraham, took a long distance shot on goal, but barely missed the net. 

In the first half, ELAC struggled to find open spaces to begin attacking plays. 

However, in minute 64, Macedo and sophomore midfielder Adriel Dominguez were able to connect through and open space in the left-wing, which resulted in the second goal.

Dominguez passed the ball to Abraham, who was wide open, and scored the second goal from the left-wing. 

“We started a little slow and we let a goal in early. I think we kept our heads high and just continue to press and attack,” Abraham said. 

The two goals gave the momentum where they would’ve scored more goals, but they stopped pressuring. 

The Huskies intensity decreased and El Camino began attacking once again. 

In minute 81, El Camino freshman defender scored their second goal, which caught the Husky defense off guard. 

According to Husky players, ELAC was unable to maintain the lead because they (El Camino) reciprocated their tactic. 

“The last five (and) 10 minutes of the game we got fatigued and they were just piling on pressure. We absorbed a bit of pressure from their throw ins, set pieces and corner kick, and balls kind of bounced around and found themselves in the net,” Abraham said. 

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