OPINION: On campus Wi-Fi connection needs to be more consistent

CN/ Steven Adamo

By Russell Navarrete

The Wi-Fi at East Los Angeles College is not bad, but it does need an upgrade because the signal goes up and down constantly. 

Some parts of the school have a strong signal, like the E-7 building while others such as the library’s second floor have a really weak signal.

Oddly enough the cafeteria has decent signal as well. 

At first the Wi-Fi seems fine, but once students start walking around campus it either gets disconnected or logs them out completely. 

Some students say the Wi-Fi  goes out on them even when they are not moving around.

“The Wi-Fi that is available to students is acceptable, but it doesn’t always work and that’s the frustrating part,” ELAC student Eric Esquera said.

They check their phones to see if there is a problem, but after several tries they concluded the school’s Wi-Fi is in fact the problem.

Other students do not use the school’s Wi-Fi because the data from their phones’ provider is a lot faster. 

In comparison to Wi-Fi at home, it does not seem that much different.

However, if students have a timed take home quiz or test and they have a laptop on campus, it is not recommended to use the school’s Wi-Fi because it might get disconnected and affect their progress.

Instructors experience the same connection problems as students, even though they log into the faculty network. 

The most dependable source for internet are the computers at the library that are connected directly to the network lines.

Unless there is time to kill before your next class and you want to watch videos or listen to music. Maybe that is why the school has had it this way; no one is really relying on the wifi at school.

This is still not a good excuse to have slow or weak signal at the library. 

The first floor has decent signal but the upper floor’s signal is useless. 

Although the desktop computers are on the bottom floor, students use the second floor to study too.

Another part of school where the network can be difficult to access is the performance arts courtyard. 

It can take a long time for your phone to connect to the Wi-Fi, possibly due to a weak signal. 

There are always students in that area either waiting for class, reviewing/studying for their next class or even socializing.

It could be beneficial for students if the school had better quality Wi-Fi that could help extend their time for studying and complete assignments at the location they prefer to get those tasks done.

For some students it can be harder to concentrate at home where it is easier to get distracted. 

Some students have a big gap between classes and the only way to pass the time is to mess around on their phone or finish homework. 

Little gestures like these can go a long way with students and instructors.

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