BBQ vendor offers smoked delicacies with atypical sides

All the meat— A Stoked California BBQ platter with smoked-Santa Maria style tri-tip, smoked candied pork, lingucia sausage and sides inluding corn off the cob and bone marrow beans. CN/ Ivan Cazares

By Ivan Cazares

Stoked California BBQ has tender tri-tip, delicious pork belly and some savory sides which include corn and beans. 

The $20-dollar platter is the best deal to get a taste of a variety of items on the menu, but the portions are nothing to write home about. 

It’s a great option to share with a date if you don’t mind paying for a meal that could be replicated at a fraction of the price at home with relative ease. 

Of course not everyone likes to cook, and credit needs to be given where credit is due. 

The Santa Maria style tri-tip is smoked to near perfection, thinly sliced and flavorful. 

The individual slices can be eaten in one or two bites. 

The smoked candied pork has a consistency akin to bacon, but based on taste most people will assume it’s just another kind of beef. 

This is likely because its tender due to being smoked rather than baked as it is in many cases. 

The circular slices are perfect single bite snacks. 

The linguica sausage is similar to chorizo. 

It’s a Portuguese style sausage with a smoky finish. 

It’s subtly spicy and tender, but with a hit of chewiness.  

A side of bone marrow beans is heavily seasoned and topped with cheese, creating an enjoyable contrast to the meat flavors. 

The corn off the cob known as esquite is similarly seasoned but slightly spicy. It’s delicious and complex, especially after squeezing a bit of lemon over it.  

The vinaigrette-based coleslaw served as the final side is also filled with intense flavors, but complements the meat flavors. 

Patrons are also served two slices of garlic cheese bread that are perfectly toasted and tie the platter together nicely. 

Stoked might not specialize in beverages, but they also serve a fantastic fresh melon juice too, at a good price. For more information on Stoked follow @eatstoked on Instagram.

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