REVIEW: Kanye’s gospel-themed album inspires

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By Sonny Tapia

Kanye West long-delayed ninth studio album “Jesus Is King”  inspires people who listen to it to be spiritual. 

This is his first album since his widely publicized Christian awakening.

His gospel-themed album highlights key components found in great church choirs, even though it is his second shortest ever.  

The first song on the album “Every Hour” features the Sunday Service Choir showing some of the versatility found in a choir led by choir director Jason White.

Through the entire album a feeling of wholesomeness comes through with church sounds. 

In the song “God Is,” the explanation West gives on what God is to him is beautiful and will give  chills.

He starts with praising the Lord and then moves on to describe God as the “king of kings, lord of lords.” 

He mentions that all types of people are welcome into Heaven.

The beat remains soulful making it possible to imagine oneself in one of the swaying crowds seen in the Sunday Service videos. 

Singing this song out loud can create a sense of belonging to someone who has never felt welcome.

The preachings heard in churches repeat throughout the album and church goers will understand the meaning.

“Use This Gospel” can wake up tired followers of the Christian congregation with a humming that mesmerizes listeners. 

Sitting back and soaking in the jazz saxophone solo by Kenny G before the beat enters the eardrums creates a soothing experience.

The humming is similar to previous songs by Kanye West like “Reborn” off of the “Kids See Ghosts,” album, as Kid Cudi transfixes listeners with his hums.

The rap god in West comes out in the song “Selah,” as he said he was focused, not mean. 

“They say the week start on Monday, but the strong start on Sunday,” West says in one of his better flows on the track.

The Sunday Service Choir enters the song midway with thunderous voices saying, “Hallelujah.” 

Coming back to the hard rap style of West as he finishes the song, talking about the tools we have and loving our neighbors as it was written in the book of Luke.

Before the release, West began holding “Sunday Service” at various locations ranging from community churches to colleges. 

These events produced videos of swaying crowds chanting church hymns, and an enthusiastic West praising Jesus Christ.

The unique artist also swore to abandon secular music for good. In his latest album there is no swearing whatsoever, making this his first album of its kind. It’s also very good for its length.

“Follow God,” contains the highly versed West rapping over a hard beat that makes the listener want to bounce. 

Looking for a new way West realizes he is not perfect and understands he has to become clean with God.

The album has generated hate from multiple outlets due to its different style that has not been seen by the most faithful Kanye West fans.

This new identity that West is taking on is a religious one that holds many feelings about the free world underneath it all. 

He is showing his love for God and his life as a whole.

The born-again Christian artists featured on the album were asked to not participate in premarital sex. 

West continues to show why he is one of the best to ever come through the rap and hip-hop genre as a writer, composer and producer.

This feat is just another notch under his belt to prove that he can show his personality and his life to an even wider audience now that he has expanded to gospel.

West does not seem to be veering far from this idea after performing at the Forum on October 26 for his Sunday Service to celebrate the release of his album.

Kanye West has said that he is a vessel and that God choose him to be the voice for him.

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