ELAC classified as safest campus in California

By Melisa Valenzuela

Out of more than 250 colleges and universities in California, East Los Angeles College was ranked as having the lowest violent crime rates in the state. 

Compared to other schools in California, ELAC made the list for having the lowest incidents of violent crime per 1,000 students, according to Safehome.org.

These incidents include murder, rape, negligent homicide, robbery, aggravated assault and arson. University of California Berkeley had the highest violent crime rates in the state. In 2017, ELAC had a total of zero rapes, zero robberies and seven motor vehicle thefts on campus.

UC Berkeley had 21 rapes, 26 robberies and 21 motor vehicle thefts on campus for that same year, according to a report done by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the United States Department of Education. Safehome.org used data from this report for theirs. 

Safehome.org is an organization that researches, reviews and compares the latest security trends.

Its research covers school and city safety for college students, but is limited  in scope to non-profit colleges, universities and community colleges in the United States with an enrollment of at least 10,000.  

“We are on campus 24/7 and we’re always visible and constantly patrolling,” said deputy Romero, one of ELAC’s campus deputies. “We also have a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department substation and armed personnel, which are things that not all college campuses have.” This semester, there have been no major crime incidents that have been reported. 

The ELAC Sheriff’s Station is located in room B5-104, which is connected to Weingart Stadium. The campus deputies have the authority to apprehend and arrest individuals involved in illegal activity both on and around campus. They work with state, local and federal law enforcement agencies and have access to national crime databases.

Some of the services that they offer to students are The Emergency Notification System and escort services.

The Emergency Notification System is used to notify students, faculty and staff via text and email in the event of an emergency. Students are asked if they wish to receive these notifications when filling out the ELAC admissions application.

Students can also contact the sheriff’s station if they need someone to escort them to class or to their vehicle.Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus and are lit up by blue lights.

These emergency phones are a direct line to the ELAC Sheriff’s station and are located near C1 men’s gym, E9 women’s gym, the E5 building, P1 AutoTech building and K5 Music building.

For more information, for safety tips or to report an incident, students and staff can visit the station or call them at (323) 265-8800.       

In addition to the deputies, ELAC also employs cadets. The Los Angeles Community College District Cadet Program offers students an hourly, part-time position as a campus cadet. Under the direction of the LA Sheriff’s Department and LACCD personnel, cadets perform safety services such as traffic control and escort services, law enforcement police desk operations, public relations, clerical/administrative support, investigation assistance, property collection, crime prevention, parking enforcement, hand-held radio use and other related campus duties. Students interested in becoming a cadet can stop by the station to fill out a Cadet Interest Card.

“Yes, I do feel pretty safe here,” said ELAC student Veronica Hernandez. “I went to another college before I came here and I would receive alerts about robberies and assaults at least once a month. But not here.”   

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