ELAC collaborates with Yale School of Drama

CN/ Steven Adamo

By Jonattan Robles

East Los Angeles College is working to provide students with opportunities beyond its borders by working with Yale and Center Theatre Group.

On October 4, 2019 Center Theatre Group, Yale School of Drama and ELAC hosted an event geared to getting community college students an understanding of the application process. As well as information on attending a graduate program in various technical fields of theater for instance, theatrical design, production and management.

The event focused on the application process and experience of Yale but the information learned could also be applied to a wide range of graduate programs and universities. 

The goal was to connect community college students with aspirations for graduate level programs in theater. 

Yale presented their specific master’s and doctoral programs but also introduced students to their certificate and non-degree programs for those looking to go straight to working in theater from community college.

The Yale School of Drama also offers non-degree programs and has something called Special Students. The website states, “each year, some students are admitted to Yale School of Drama as one-year special students,” in the technical fields of the school of drama. 

An option available for those students not seeking a master’s degree but still wish to add Yale graduate level education to their resume. 

The program does however, allow the ‘special students’ to “apply for admission to the department’s degree program of study” or “matriculate as second-year students” if the students find Yale to be the right fit for them and decide to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree after all.

Very few ELAC students may be thinking about going to the east coast to continue their education but by hosting events and partnering with some of the top schools in the nation no matter what part of the country they may be at. ELAC is opening doors that students did not know were there.

Not every student that attended this event went with the intention to apply for admission to Yale, but some students just went to seek out feedback on their portfolio or to find out how to put together a resume that will attract industry professionals. 

The goal of this event and others like it as well as many of the partnerships ELAC seeks out are done so to provide students with as much valuable information for when the students are ready to move on.

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