Students use techniques to dance

The Let’s Dance Company (LDC)
hosted a Celebration of Dance this
weekend, at the Performing and
Fine Arts Complex at East Los
Angeles College.
The idea for this concert was
to highlight the diverse dance
programming of the East Los
Angeles College Dance Department.
The choreography showcase an
array of dance techniques totaling
10 unique premiere dances and an
exceptional performance summing
up the concert that featured
dancers’ innovative trends in dance
The show begins with an upbeat
performance that was fun and
feature 19 dancers.
All dancers dressed in velvet
fl owing costumes that were a variety
of dark greens, burgundy, and black.
The performance that followed
,,titled “210,” was a unique dance
interpreting the narrative that
featured a female voice reading
her poem of heartbreak.
The narrator spoke about
evaluating a formula as to why her
relationship with her partner did
not work out and how she hopes
to rekindle the love back at her
apartment 210.

The performers with no emotional
expressions on their faces.
The dance was unlike any other
performed that night.
F o l l o w i n g t h e s e c o n d
performance was “Best Mistake,”
which featured a more soothing,
peaceful and soft performance.
The dancers seemed more relaxed

wearing soft greys, blues and off-

B e f o r e t h e 1 5 – m i n u t e
intermission, the Let’s Dance
Company introduced half of their
dancers with a slideshow and
announced holding auditions for
those students interested on Dec 5,
at 12:15 pm at the Performing and
Fine Arts Complex S2-106 dance
The show continued with
an all-female performance

titled “In Liberty.”
Dancers performed wearing all
red costumes, some with sequence
displaying sharp fi rm choreography
with two lead dancers Ruby Lugo
Flores and Serenity Lopez.
The performance followed with
a dance titled “Between the Lines
“with music by Cosmo Sheldrake,
“Up Above “with music by Coldplay,
Time with music by Pink Floyd and
Benjamin Clementine, “Freedom”
with music by Overtone and their
fi nal performance called “The Git”
up featured music by Blanco Brown.
T h e f i n a l p e r f o r m a n c e

was a country-style, two-
step, ho-down, dip and sip, as

the song says, type of dance.
All dancers performed in denim
bottoms, flannel shirts and
handkerchiefs with huge similes
on their faces.
LDC’s performance encompassed
what they work and rehearse so hard
for their mission.
The dancers displayed their
passion, commitment and talent.
The diverse group of dancers with
multi-cultured backgrounds took
an enthusiastic approach to their
Their bond and this memorable
performance displayed their strong
foundation and demonstrated
persistent dedication.

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