REVIEW: Perfection gets funky with two new releases

By Luis Castilla

Supergroup Perfection dive into the funky side of the Los Angeles music scene with its two new EPs, “Nest Sessions” and “Clean Greed.”

The two EPs were released the same day on Nov. 23.

Perfection is an amalgamation of local musicians including frontman Patrick Nolan of Meatbodies, Misha Lindes of SadGirl, Zoe Lambert of No Parents and Erik Jimenez of Together Pangea. Nolan and Lindes have joined forces in the past as two thirds of the trio, Walter, along with Ross Chait of Total Heat.

The four-track “Nest Sessions” starts off with the bright and glitzy “Congrats,” a catchy tune that is topped perfectly by Nolan’s masterful guitarwork.

The band covers ‘60s funk band, Parliament’s psychedelic “Placebo Syndrome” for the EP’s second track. What used to be laid-back funk becomes chaotic and twisted

in the best way possible due to the modern instrumentation

“Intimate #4” is a straightforward funk track. It never deviates from the root beat, making the song feel like intermission. It is definitely the weakest song off of “Nest Sessions.”

“Anything,” the final track on “Next Sessions,” is a bluesy slow jam that flows like fine wine. Nolan’s guitarmanship is on full display during the track’s climax with a solo that dances up and down a scale.

“Find Love” opens the second EP, “Clean Greed.” “Find Love” is a dark and bouncy track. The backing vocals bring out the depth of the instrumentation.

The bombastic “Beautiful” feels like it was ripped straight out of the ‘80s. The chorus sounds almost identical to David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s “Dancing In The Street.” The track also features a relatively long keyboard solo that perfectly juxtaposes the rest of the song.

Though simple in its instrumentation,“Nothing” is the band’s most captivating song. At just over three minutes, “Nothing”is a eshed- out slapper.

The band delivers a more glam performance in “I’m Listening.” The vocals and drums are tight anduid, creating a fast-paced yet stillgroovy track.

“Twice Before” is a Nolan solo- acoustic. Gaining an appreciationfor a singer’s voice can be dif cultuntil it is isolated like in this track. Unfortunately, Nolan’s conversational tone and lyrics make for a drab and easily forgettable number. After listening to the other funky songs, “Twice Before” comes off as boring.

Turning up the funk once more is “What a Nice Time.” The track starts off slow before swelling into a glittery melody that ends the EP on a high note.

“Nest Sessions” and “Clean Greed” are available on all major streaming services.

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