Final Fantasy VII demo hypes up fans for revamped version

By Luis Castilla

“Final Fantasy VII” is one of the most influential video games of all time and with its remake just around the corner, the demo is raising hype to new levels.

When “Final Fantasy VII” was originally released in 1997, it revolutionized the video game industry. 

The Final Fantasy franchise  innovated the role-playing game (RPG) genre, but “Final Fantasy VII” was the largest, most complex game to date.

For many, “Final Fantasy VII” was their introduction to RPGs.

Today, there is not an aspect of the game that is not revered by fans.

From its characters to its storytelling to its music, “Final Fantasy VII” is one of the most beloved games ever.

The demo, released March 2, drops players in the opening bombing mission from the           original game.

Seeing a game from the original PlayStation era be revamped with the latest technology is truly a magical experience.

Being able to freely swing the main character, Cloud’s massive Buster Sword feels awesome. 

There is weight to each swing, which makes sense with a sword that large.

Fans have known for some time that the remake would do away with the traditional turn-based battle system of the original.

 Instead, the remake combines an active-time-battle (ATB) system with straightforward hacking and slashing.   

  By combining these two mechanics, players are required to have both skill and perception to defeat enemies quickly.

Aside from gameplay, the game itself looks incredible. 

The demo starts off in the city of Midgar.

 Seeing Midgar fully rendered in all its glory is a bit overwhelming.  

This was a very linear part of the demo, so knowing that players will have free rein of the city in the full game is an exciting aspect to look forward to.

The game’s music is also set to be redone with modern technology.  

It will have a lot to live up to as the original soundtrack is beloved by many fans and is one of the reasons the game has remained so relevant.

Even in the demo, characters are already being fleshed out more than they were in the original game. 

When a remake of the game was announced in 2015, it was a moment of shock, joy and doubt.

Many doubted that the game would ever actually be released.

 Fans had been asking for a remake for years and the idea of it actually happening became synonymous with hell freezing over.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is set to be released April 10 for PlayStation 4. It will be available for PC and Xbox One  a year later.

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