Softball wins fifth game in a row

By Gabriela Gutierrez

 East Los Angeles College’s softball team won its fifth game in a row, after defeating Long Beach City College 3 – 1 at Mayfair Park on Thursday. 

ELAC has won two out of the three games in conference against LBCC. 

They will try for a season sweep of LBCC on April 2. 

Irene Dorado, freshman infielder, started the game with a strike out and was followed by freshman pitcher, Lauren Tate. 

The first to get a hit was sophomore catcher Melanie Torres, who made it to first base. 

Sophomore first baseman Puatausaga Johnson hit the ball and Torres advanced to second base, but the top of the first inning ended with zero runs. 

LBCC was up and its freshman outfielder Deandra Vasquez made it to third base, but LBCC followed Huskies with zero runs to end the bottom of the first inning. 

The Huskies began the top of the second inning with a bunt by freshman short-stop Eliza Flores. 

Long Beach quickly brought the Huskies to a halt and powered through the bottom of the second inning as sophomore pitcher Joetta Vega singled out to the short-stop. 

Tate threw a wild pitch and allowed Vega to advance to second base. 

Sophomore utility player Alora Murray advanced to first base after an error was made by freshman third baseman Irene Huizar. 

The error allowed Vega to advance to third base. In the process, Murray stole second base. 

Sophomore outfielder Yazmin Zendejas intentionally walked, which left the bases loaded. 

Vasquez took first base after Tate threw four balls. Vega, who was ready to take home-base, advanced to home plate. 

Long Beach led 1 – 0 to end the bottom of the second inning. 

The Huskies began the top of the third inning with freshman Irene Huizar, who fouled out to first base. 

She was followed by Dorado, who grounded out to second base, which left the Huskies with one more run. 

Tate didn’t miss her shot and walked to first base after a passed ball. Right after Tate, Torres went up to bat. 

Torres’s teammates instantly chanted her name with the theme song from the “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. 

Torres hit the ball straight through first and second base and Tate got her opening to advance to second base. 

Torres ran to first base. 

Johnson went up to bat next and followed her teammate, Torres, to first base. 

Torres ran to third base and Tate made a run for home-base, which led her team to tie with LBCC 1 –1. 

The Huskies, with still only two outs, brought out its short-stop Eliza Flores. 

Flores singled to left field and made it to first base allowing Johnson to make it to second base. 

Torres, who was on third base, to advance to home plate and score the second run of the game for ELAC. 

Johnson, still at second base, was switched out for her teammate, sophomore infielder, Amber Cortez. 

Next to bat was sophomore infielder Priscilla Ortega, who got a hit over left field. 

The ball was caught by the opposing team, bringing the Huskies to its third out. 

The bottom of the third inning ended quickly with only one hit and zero runs by LBCC, which left the Huskies at the lead 2 – 1. 

Taylor Fig, freshman first baseman, began the top of the fourth inning and was caught by lining out. 

Huskies’ outfielder Valerie Contrares hit the ball toward the left side of the field, but it was a fair ball and she got a double. 

Huizar bunted the ball next but grounded to third base to leave the Huskies with two outs. 

Contrares managed to get to third base. 

Dorado hit the ball to left field and Contrares made it to home plate, scoring the final run of the game. 

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