Remaining entertained and productive while in quarantine

By Vanessa A. Ramos

Staying at home should not be a motive for being inactive. Without nightlife and theme parks, students and community members are still finding ways to keep entertained. 

While under the order of all individuals living in the state of California to stay home or at their place of residence, students are getting creative with art activities, practicing new hygiene routines, exploring the internet, continuing workout sessions, purchasing game boards and making Tik Tok videos with family and friends. Students and community members in support of staying in are engaging with giving family members more because of the availability to share times with one another.

Former ELAC student, Victoria Ramos, who is now working for Child Care Careers (CCC) is staying with her two toddler boys at home since her workplace required school closure until April. She and her family had season passes for Knott’s Berry Farm. They often went on the weekends she said. “Now with everything being closed, hanging out with the boys outside for a while, doing some homeworks, exercising a little bit is the best way to keep them entertained. We are sharing movie nights more often to flow through time. Baking at home is more time consuming, but I feel healthier and we save money by not going out to dinner.” 

With stress overbearing communities members, it is important to remain positive during this pandemic. Exercising has several benefits. A Harvard Health Letter explains exercising can be a natural treatment to fight off depression. Although gyms have been closed, yoga sessions can be conducted at home, ab and upper body workout sessions with music can be set up. Weight equipment can be used to start weight training and if students do not have weight equipment, a pair of sweats and a t- shirt for hiking is still an option. Outdoor trails are still open, but people must be cautious and follow CDC guidelines of giving individuals six feet of social distance.

East Los Angeles College student Marie Garcia said, “I’ve been listening to music, reading, cleaning and keeping up with what’s been going on so I can be aware about arising news.”

Listening to music, reading books or articles, staying on top of student assignments (since academically, students are still enrolled in classes), keeping track of updated emails and becoming aware of daily social changes are positive activities to distract and to maintain organization while staying at home. 

Community members of Los Angeles County keeping occupied can assist in utilizing all extra time being given while staying in isolation. Finding activities to maintain an up-beat spirit can be hard with stress over-bearing local communities. Painting, taking out old puzzle pieces, baking dessert are examples to support staying at home until California governor Gavin Newsom lifts the “Safer at Home” order.

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