Classes that cannot be taught online to resume May 4

By Michael Dominguez

The Los Angeles Community College District has announced that throughout its nine colleges, classes that could not be converted into online classes will resume May 4 and all other online classes will start on March 30. Classes that can not be done online are classes that require hands-on learning like stage production, lighting, physical education and photo classes.  

The district is trying to find a way for students proper help to meet face-to-face in the safest way possible. The reason behind classes resuming on May 4 for non online classes is to sustain a complete academic calendar. To help LACCD with its recommendations, the chancellor will also give an update on where the district is headed no later than April 17. 

The LACCD laid out its plan for early withdrawals and refunds for students. State authority has allowed students to withdraw from classes due to this crisis. They would get an excused withdrawal (EW) on their transcript that will not count against them. 

If a student wishes to drop a class, they must go to their student portal on the ELAC website and click on “manage classes” to drop the class of their choice. The college will automatically change the W on transcripts to an  (EW) and automatically trigger any refunds of enrollment and miscellaneous fees back to the accounts of the student. It does not matter if the student paid with a debit card or cash because a refund will be credited.      

Students should visit the Financial aid office for information on their refund if needed. Students who are U.S. veterans should speak with their campus’ certifying officer. LACCD plans to work with students if classes were dropped due to COVID-19 to ensure that it does not impact their GPA, requirements or  transfer hopes. 

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