Annoying students disrupt flow of online classes

By Melody Ortiz

Many classes have students who enjoy talking with or talking over the professor, whether that be agreeing with them or adding what they believe to be a funny comment.

With such a limited amount of class time, students should be more mindful of and considerate to classmates during class meetings. It’s one thing for multiple persons to be talking in a physical classroom, but another thing to crowd the audio space in an already static-filled Zoom meeting.

Although it does make class more enjoyable to communicate with the professor in a playful way, it also slows down the progress of class, especially during a time where most classes are already behind.

Many students have issues with their home internet since it is being used by mostly everyone in their households. This makes it difficult sometimes to hear what the professor is saying because the audio cuts in and out. It is only made more difficult when multiple people are talking or when a student goes on about personal examples that lead to a conversation unrelated to the class subject.

Although there is a hand-raising feature on Zoom, it is rarely used. A student will interrupt a professor to ask him or her questions instead of waiting to see if their question will be answered.

Not only does it slow down the class, but it is also a little rude. At the very least, students should wait for a pause instead of cutting in mid-sentence. This isn’t the only thing that can distract classmates.

East Los Angeles College student Poala Rodriguez said she dislikes when people do not mute themselves during class. This was the most popular answer when Campus News’ Instagram story asked students what their pet peeves were during class.

Other answers included showing off pets and kids, too many people talking at once and when professors or students are late to class. Usually, the last answer is nothing new and reasonable, however, both students and professors should be a little more lenient with tardies.

Many people experience technical difficulties such as Zoom links not working, slow internet or even personal difficulties, like caring for one’s family. Hopefully, all the kinks will eventually be worked out, but it most likely won’t be anytime soon.

Keeping all these setbacks in mind, think about how much time students really have in class. Sometimes even professors are kicked off mid-meeting. Some of these things cannot be controlled. What can be controlled, however, are the interruptions made by others

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