ASU services go online

BY Jeremy Arias

J-101 Staff Writer

The East Los Angeles College Student Center informed students about available campus resources during the COVID-19 pandemic in a forum held via Zoom. 

Some of the resources highlighted were available from the Student Health Center, Admissions and Records Department and Associated Student Union. 

Many of the student services have expanded online availability to students through email, phone calls and even on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

The Student Health Center announced that health services are still available to students despite the school’s closures. 

Appointments can be made over the phone with the Student Health Center to schedule a visit at a ViaCare site. 

The Student Health Center is available for questions and more resources through their Instagram page @elacstudenthealth. 

The Admissions and Records Department announced that graduation petitions were being evaluated and the results would be concluded soon. 

The Admissions and Records Department said that classes would remain online into the Fall semester.

As a result, registration would look different for the next academic year’s enrollment and class registration process. 

The new process is expected to be easier for students to register for classes. 

ASU announced that it was hosting more online activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One such activity was the Annual Husky Bowl, where student clubs compete in games and challenges for prizes.

 The first Virtual Husky Bowl was hosted via Zoom on Friday afternoon with an attendance of over a hundred people from 20 different clubs. 

The event was considered a success, as there had been no other event hosted by ASU like it. 

At the forum, ASU president Brian Ha mentioned plans of hosting another competition over TikTok where students and their families compete in dance-off videos.

 Updates on ASU’s virtual activities can be found on their Instagram page @elac.asu.

The forum concluded with information regarding student graduation.

 This year’s graduation ceremony is scheduled to be streamed on YouTube and Facebook on June 9. 

ASU plans to re-invite graduates in 2021 to walk on the stage and to obtain the stage walking experience.

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